Flesh Eating Bacteria Causes Deaths in Texas

Two persons fall victim to the flesh eating disease. A man in his early thirties who was repairing homes in Texas after the devastating hurricane Harvey died of an infection known to be a flesh eating bacteria disease.

Flesh Eating Bacteria Causes Deaths in Texas

The health officials said that the infection was caused by flesh eating bacteria.

On Monday, the Galveston County Health District said that, the man infected by flesh eating disease was brought to the hospital on October 10. He has serious infection on the left arm.

He was told by the hospital that he had been necrotizing fasciitis bacteria – an infection that kills the softer tissues. The man died on October 16.

Relatives if the deceased man identified him as Josue Zurita. His cousin’s wife told a news channel that Zurita was a very caring person. He had lots of friends. He was young and happy. His death was a sad news for all who knew him.

The death of Josue Zurita was the second owing to the flesh eating bacteria causes since Harvey pounded Texas in August.

The hurricane swept across the area and flooded residential houses with filth and water causing alarm with the health officials.

A specialist with the County Health Authority stated that the person was most likely affected when the flesh eating bacteria entered his body through a cut or a wound.

The hurricane claimed the lives of at least 75 people. Harvey battered Southern Texas during the month of August.

In September, a woman named Nancy Reed aged 77 also lost her life owing to the flesh eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis. She had fallen in a flooded house in the Kingwood community. Her arm had been broken after the fall.

Harris County medical examiner said that the flesh eating bacteria had entered her body through the wound.

Texas health department spokesman has also confirmed that his department was also aware of at least two deaths caused by the flesh eating bacteria in the aftermath of the hurricane.

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that fasciitis is a very serious kind of bacterial infection of the skin which spreads in a rapid manner.

This bacteria kills the soft tissues in the body. Its deadly effects are visible within a very short span of time if the infection is not treated immediately with the help of surgery and antibiotics.

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