Clooney: Harvey Weinstein Scandal goes beyond Hollywood

Actresses in Harvey Weinstein movies were sexually harassed by the powerful producer. Famous actor George Clooney has stated that the Harvey Weinstein scandal has tentacles beyond the glittering lights of Hollywood.

George Clooney, Harvey Weinstein Scandal goes beyond Hollywood

He also linked the behavior to notable people like the incumbent US President Donald Trump and news anchors from the Fox News Network.

Harvey Weinstein scandal encompasses a series of sexual assaults and allegations of sexual harassment that spanned decades.

George Clooney has said that the sexual harassment phenomenon goes beyond the film industry.

People love to do the culture of Hollywood. Clooney said over the News Breakfast. He further said that it is all over now.

Clooney further said that Americans have a president who boasts about grabbing females by their crotch. People at Fox News also did the same thing.

During the last election campaign, a recording of Donald Trump was revealed in which he was saying that if a person was a star, he could grab women by their private parts.

In 2016, the founder of Fox News Roger Ailes was kicked out of the network after he was accused of sexual harassment. Similarly, Bill O’Reilly of the same channel was also accused of the same. He has allegedly paid 13 million dollars to the women who brought charges against him.

George Clooney said that something good should emerge from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Women should be made to feel safe so that they would come forward with their stories.

He said that it would be unacceptable if the Harvey Weinstein scandal become a joke after the lapse of a few months.

The actor further revealed that Weinstein had let him know that he was having affairs with actresses but Clooney did not believe him at that time.

He also alleged that News channels may also have known about some of these allegations but chose to remain quiet about them since they were getting big business from Weinstein and his companies.

Similarly, Matt Damon, another famous actor has stated that Weinstein should be made to pay for his actions.

He also said that the film industry had done a very positive thing by sending a very strong message by excommunicating one of the most powerful people in the industry.

Damon also denied that he was responsible for stopping a news about Weinstein from being printed.

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