State Department provided Clinton emails to WikiLeaks

Assange states that ‘thousands of Hillary Clinton emails’ published by his website were obtained from the US state Department.

State Department provided Clinton emails to WikiLeaks

Julian Assange has further stated that the Clinton emails were obtained through the freedom of information act.

These emails of the former candidate for American presidency were published by the whistleblowing platform of the notorious website in 2016.

It has now come to be known that these e-mails were not hacked. Rather, all of them were obtained legally from the US state Department.

The revelation has been made by the founder of the WikiLeaks.

In the month of March 2016, WikiLeaks made available to the public a collection of more than thirty thousand emails received and sent by private email server of Hillary Clinton while she was serving as the Secretary of State during 2009 to 2013.

In 2016, the same website published another set of twenty thousand emails that seemed to have been hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Clinton emails hacked from the account of her campaign manager, John Podesta had also been published.

Intelligence agencies within the US suspected that he Clinton emails were leaked by Russia. However, there was no evidence supporting this claim.

In order to counter these suspicions, Russia stated that these claims were ill founded and were engineered to distract public attention from the real election fraud.

Julian Assange recently accuse Hillary Clinton that she was a creepy liar.

Hillary Clinton had stated on the ABC that Julian Assange had worked in connivance with the Russian intelligence agencies.

During an interview with a famous TV channel, Hillary Clinton had alleged that Assange was merely a tool in the hands of the Russian intelligence who did not want Hillary to become the US President.
Hillary said:

Assange has become a kind of nihilistic opportunist who does the bidding of a dictator.”

She further stated that WikiLeaks was practically acting as a subsidiary of the Russian intelligence agencies.

Julian Assange has been living within the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Hillary Clinton still maintains that the Clinton emails leaks were timed in such a manner that they would hurt the election campaign of the former US Secretary of State.

The Clinton emails helped Donald Trump win the last year’s elections.

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