The Dangerous Ramifications of Iran nuclear Deal

Most Americans are wondering what they have achieved in the wake of the widely celebrated Iran nuclear deal since apparently it’s Iran that is reaping all the benefits.

Iran nuclear deal

The Obama administration is celebrating the Iran nuclear deal as a great victory for its diplomacy but many Americans are not yet clear why such a deal was necessary keeping in view the very bad track record of Iran coupled with its extremely aggressive behavior with America as well as its neighbors after the announcement of the Iran nuclear deal in July last year.

Since IAEA stated that Iran has met all the requirements for rolling back its nuclear program to what the Iran nuclear deal terms the ‘implementation day, ‘it will be awarded with a sanctions relief amounting to approximately 150 billion dollars. This is despite Iran still being designated a terror sponsoring state by America. Iran has also been reported in June 2015 by the State Department as the one of the leading terrorist states in the world.

Moreover, the administration is fully aware that Iran has also increased support for Syria’s rouge president Bashar al Assad and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah during the past six months.

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry had stated in July that under the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran will be obligated to abide by the UN resolutions and put a halt to its missile program for the next eight years, yet it tested ballistic missiles during the months of October and November.

America’s treasury department did impose sanctions on Iran for conducting the missile tests but they are deemed only symbolic and in effective by experts. This is not all. Last month, Iran also fired rockets near the US aircraft carrier. Only last week, it also detained American sailors for apparently no reason at all.

In this situation, it is very difficult for Americans to understand why Iran has been allowed to keep its nuclear infrastructure, and expand it further under the agreements of the Iran nuclear deal.

The Iran nuclear deal stipulates that it will continue to enrich uranium. Currently, it has 500 centrifuges. Under the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, it will be able to develop more of them. Iran has agreed in principal to get rid of the core of a heavy water reactor.

But such a reactor will be built again with the assistance of China. The redesigned reactor will also allow Chinese scientists to master this technology.

While hailing the victory of American Diplomacy, President Obama Secretary of State Kerry said that the Iran nuclear deal has obligated it to send its stockpile of enriched uranium out of the country. They did not, however, mention that this is a swap for an equal amount of Uranium ore. Such ore can be very easily converted into its enriched form within a few months only.

There is the issue of prisoner swap which allowed for the release of seven Iranian criminals for five American hostages who were all very badly treated by the regime. There are two more Americans and an US green card holder still held by the regime.

In the light of these issues, Obama administration cannot claim that the Iran nuclear deal has been fully complied with. However, such claims have been made and sanctions to the tune of 150 billion dollars have been lifted. There is very little doubt that Iran will use such a large sum to strengthen its proxies in the Middle East and further destabilize the region.

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