Top traits to spot in a good event planner

An event planner has a very tough job to perform. The fact is backed by a 2016 study which states that event planning in the fifth most stressful job in the world. It a stressful job, but it is still very common. As long as people are celebrating something personal or professional, event planning will remain an important business. And hence, event companies will keep on flourishing.

Since every job requires specific skills from a person undertaking, event planning also requires some traits from an event planner. Event companies in Dubai are a good example of outsourcing good event planners.

good event planner

This article will highlight traits and skills common among successful event planners and help you recognize them apart from the rest.

Traits that make an event planner successful

A job that is listed below only the most difficult jobs like firefighting, pilots, police officers, and the likes deserves some deliberation in terms of traits that make them successful. Following is the list:

People skills

Good professionals are always comfortable in interactions with people at any level. Sometimes event planners have to meet executives, big business owners, or representatives of sponsors. All of this needs an effective conversationalist who makes other people involved in the interaction comfortable as well,


Event planning involves a lot of complex work. Hence it demands flexibility on the part of an event planner. Thus a successful professional will always be flexible because his job includes cleaning the mess created during the whole process of organizing an event.

Good listening skills

A good event planner listens carefully. When you listen to the other person with complete attention and focus, you understand their point better. When you understand better, you can give them what they require in a better way. So good listening skills make success inevitable for an event planner.


Decision making is a very difficult task no matter what the nature of a person’s job is. And the job of an event planner involves a lot of decision making. So a good and confident decision-maker makes a successful event manager.

Calm under pressure

We often read and hear how harmful anger can be for our mental health and success. It is true for a job which is even easier than event coordination. Calmer minds perform better in a difficult situation. Event companies in Dubai focus on this a lot and provide you with very calm event planners who know how to handle a difficult situation.


When you love your job, there’s nothing that can stop you, no matter how difficult your job is. Passion overcomes all difficulties and obstacles of a person’s way. It’s something which cannot learn from a course. It is a passion that makes a fighter pilot cope up in such a difficult profession. Similarly, an event planner’s job is no less tough as studies show. And only passionate ones do make a difference in the field.

Good communicators

Good communicators always woo the audience in their interactions. The same is true for effective event planners. There is a lot of negotiation and talking you way out in the job of an event planner. This ingredient is one of the most important ones among the rest required for making an event planner successful.

Concluding the traits of successful event planners

People with some exceptional traits can handle all the stress and complexities that are part of event management. They are passionate and strong enough to surpass all kinds of hindrances. They make sure your event is a success at the end of the day. If you’re going to celebrate something that matters to you, Hire a professional event planner who’ll take all the stresses and worries instead of you.

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