Trump to fight abortion ruling

The attorney general’s office of Texas State siding with the president has made it clear that it will fight Donald Trump abortion order.

Trump to fight abortion ruling

Filing Appeal

The US administration is preparing to appeal the order by a judge which requires the government to allow a minor pregnant to receive an abortion. The pregnant women could be undocumented and in a federally funded shelter in Texas.

A temporary restraining order by a district judge has stated that the government must allow a 15 weeks pregnant girl to receive an abortion. The girl is 17 years old and still un-named. The restraining order was issued on Tuesday.

On Wednesday night, the US administration filed an appeal against the ruling in the Court of Appeals.

Initial Appointment

The un-named girl’s initial appointment with a medical professional regarding her abortion must occur one day before the procedure. This appointment is scheduled for the morning of Thursday.

The judge who as issue the restraining order has still not rules on another request calling for a permanent injunction for blocking the policy that seeks to prevent all undocumented minors within the government shelter to receive abortions.

While oral arguments were going on during the case, the judge dismissed the argument presented by the administration that minor who were undocumented were lacking the abortion rights.

Dangerous precedent

A division that looks after and cares for undocumented minors within the federally funded shelters – the HH’S Administration for Children and Families – said through a statement issued Wednesday night that the current ruling will set a very dangerous precedent and open ways for illegal children to seek abortions through the money of the tax-payers.

The same statement further elaborates that the order is also in conflict with the policies and procedures of the department.

The attorney general’s office has also vowed to fight the Trump abortion ruling.

Jane Doe

The lawyers of the girl in question who is being referred to as Jane Doe, have also filed another case in a Texan District Court requesting that she be allowed to leave the Brownsville shelter.

The reason for this request is that they think she is not be given proper medical care within the facility. She is also being abused emotionally.

The lawyers have further stated that Jane Doe has permission to receive an abortion without the consent of her parents. She is also paying for the treatment through her own funds, yet the shelter is not releasing her under orders from the US administration which is anti abortion.

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