Fun Ways to Organize a Wedding Reception

A Wedding is considered as a special moment for both the bride as well as the groom. And the wedding stage decoration is the most important part of the wedding venue. It is both crucial as well as special (because that’s when you actually tie the knot silly!). However, it is the reception that takes the prize when it comes to entertaining the guests. After all who wouldn’t want to eat, drink, and make merry!!

wedding stage decoration

Wedding reception decorations – And some of the best celebrations for your wedding stage decoration as well as wedding reception incorporates a personal and unique touch (with ideas from both the Groom as well as the Bride). And this is done to keep the invitees and guests have fun and smile and the event to resonate with laughter. And if you can successfully pull it off, your wedding will become the talk of the town. Now, if you want to know how to do that, we have some ideas for your wedding stage decoration and wedding reception:

Seating Arrangements

Return Gifts

Toasts (not the Bread) should be kept Brief

This idea is particularly for the Christian weddings where the family and friends of the bride as well as the groom give toasts or say something about them to the guests. These toasts are mostly about how the groom or the bride was before they decided to get married and so on. Usually the people who give toasts make it as fun as possible. And toasts are mostly about quality (that is how well it is written), rather than quantity (how long the toast is). So, it is a known fact that toasts shouldn’t be more than two minutes and it should be kept short.

Plan something different for the Kids

Your wedding reception and wedding stage decoration will not only have adults but also kids. So, you have to think about them too. You have to make sure that they are also being entertained. It can be done by arranging a babysitter and a room for the kids. This way the sitter can supervise over them while they play (or dance) or even do what they love. The sitter can even set up the television, for them to watch movies or even organize a dance party for them. This way the kids are having their fun while the parents are free to dance to their heart’s content.

Make your First Dance Magnificent

The first dance is special for the bride as well as the groom. It is considered as the most precious because every guest present at your wedding venue would have their eyes only on you two. So, you can spice up your dance in a major way. In your first dance, hides the opportunity to surprise your guests with a WOW dance. You could obviously start with a slow dance to a romantic song, then you can start your surprise for the guest by transitioning to a fast-paced song or a song with lots of beat. This way after the slow dance of yours, you are basically inviting them to join you in your energetic song.

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