What To Remember When Filing a Renters Insurance Claim

What To Remember When Filing a Renters Insurance Claim
You most likely bought renters insurance because your landlord required it, and you never intended to file a claim. However, life had other plans, and unfortunately, you had an incident that required your insurance and landlord’s attention. You may need to involve your insurance agency for many reasons, from small house fires to burglaries to house parties gone wild.

Here are three things to remember when filing a renter’s insurance claim if you ever find yourself in this position.

Contact Your Landlord

While you would want to handle things on your terms, you must contact your landlord as soon as possible. Your landlord should be one of the first people you call after an incident. They can contact their insurance provider if there is property damage. Your landlord can also decide to accommodate you and alert other tenants if something is out of order.

Document as Much as Possible

Your insurance company will ask you for pictures, videos, witness statements, and more when you call them so they can give you the compensation you need. After contacting your landlord and the police (if necessary), take pictures, videos, audio recordings, and more to showcase the damage caused. Doing so will also help you assess if you want to file a claim or pay out of pocket.

Create an Inventory With Values

Another thing you want to remember when filing a renter’s insurance claim is to create an inventory of all your items (damaged and undamaged) and their estimated value. Your insurance provider will send an adjuster to assess the value and check out the damage soon after you speak with them. By giving them a list of all the items, you can move the process along faster and ensure your insurance company is not cheating you. Advocate for yourself by being thorough with your documentation and inventory list.

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