Why Should You Explore Al-Thamama With Family?

Al-Thamama camp

The United Arab Emirates is quite popular in the world for its deserts and tourist activities. While most deserts are quite crowded and all about racing, the al-Thamama camp is one of the most laid-back yet beautiful spaces.

The al-Thamama camp offers a perfect escape from busy city life. It also includes only a few activities which you can enjoy for hours instead of exploring in a rush. Explore the highlight to plan your trip and enjoy quality family time.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore why you should explore al-Thamama with your family and set your plan immediately for an exciting trip.

Top 6 Highlights of Al-Thamama to Explore With Family

Al-Thamama camp is one of the most popular desert settings in the United Arab Emirates, which attracts visitors from across the globe. The place offers numerous activities you must know beforehand to fully plan your family trip.

Here are the major highlights of al-Thamama, which can motivate you to explore the place with friends or family.

1. Tents

Tents are the first and foremost highlight of al-Thamama, which motivate people to pay a visit with family. It is a seasonal camp where families and groups of friends can get the tents and enjoy their time in the wilderness. It offers an escape from the busy city life and all of its signs. You can set up your own tent, explore the vast nature, enjoy the atmosphere, and cherish the night sky full of stars. The place is quite popular among tourists. Many people buy tickets online and reserve their space so they do not lose the opportunity of enjoying the tent life.

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2. Barbecue Area

Barbecue areas are the next highlight of the al-Thamama camp, which can tempt you to pay a visit to families. Enjoying barbeque in an open space with the perfect atmosphere and setting is the wish of every other person. Doing so in the middle of busy cities is often difficult due to safety concerns. However, the al-Thamama camp is free of any restrictions. The designated barbeque area comes with all the necessities and essentials you will need. So, you do not need to carry the whole equipment with you and can simply enjoy the experience and the meal to the fullest.

3. Playground for Children

Playground for children is the next notable highlight of the al-Thamama camp, which makes it a perfect space for families with kids. It is quite easy for kids to get bored and anxious during camping. Lack of access to their favorite activities is the basic reason, as they cannot spend a long time staring at the clear sky as adults. The al-Thamama camp has a well-maintained ground for kids, which includes various types of swings and other activities too. So, you should not give up on the place considering the interest of your children. Make your reservation now and set out on the most memorable journey of your life.

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4. Sand Motorcycles

Sand motorcycles are another significant highlight of the al-Thamama camp you should not miss out on. The sand motorcycles are equally suitable for teenagers and young adults. They offer a perfect desert activity for older children and adults so they do not feel too bored in the desert. You can enjoy rides in the desert or just watch others doing so. It will be one of the most entertaining experiences of your life. The best thing is that there is no particular threat of accidents, and you can enjoy your bike rides without being too concerned. Still, you must follow the safety guidelines.

5. Air Rifle

The air rifle is another highlight of the al-Thamama camp, which can make your family visit interesting and memorable. As the name suggests, the air rifle allows aerial shooting; however, you must follow all the safety precautions. The activity is only for adults and can be practiced in the designated areas. You can test your shooting skills and try to refine and improve them. Overall it will prove a learning and entertaining experience. You can even practice beforehand at the professional setups and get the license to practice shooting and enjoy the activity to the fullest.

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6. Spear and Archery

Spear and archery are the last highlights of the al-Thamama camp, which can motivate you to pay a visit with your family. The place has all the essentials to help you not miss the digital and technology gadgets during your time there. You can indulge in archery and test your skills and expertise. You can even learn and polish your skills to beat the competitors if you have no talent. It can prove a great entertainment aside from a useful skill. You can buy tickets online and make other necessary arrangements in advance so you can fully enjoy the tour and spend some quality time with your family.

Are you eager to explore the al-Thamama camp?

Planning an outing with family, like visiting al-Thamama camp, can offer time to relax and create cherishable memories for life. If you are eager to spend some quality family time, book your tickets online now so you do not have to face any trouble after reaching the facility and enjoy your time to the fullest.

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