The Belief that Mobile Phones Cause Brain Cancer is Wrong

Mobile phones cause brain cancer; Research carried out by University of Sydney proves otherwise. Mobile phones and brain cancer are not related in any way.

Mobile Phones Cause Brain Cancer is Wrong

This claim is made by latest study which revealed that there was no rise in tumor cases across Australia over the past three decades. During the same time period, use of mobile phones has seen a sharp rise. It is widely believed that excessive use of mobile phone causes brain cancer.

A Research team of the University of Sydney analyzed and examined thousands of cases of brain cancer in men and women in Australia between the periods from 1982 to 2012.

Mobile phones cause brain cancer, the data of mobile phone usage during the period from 1987 to 2012 was also analyzed in order to understand if mobile phone causes brain cancer in people.

A significant part of Australia’s population uses mobile phones on a regular basis. Over the period of the past 20 years, the percentage of mobile phone users in Australia has increased from 9 percent in 93 to 90 percent).

The researchers found that the incident of cancer, after age adjustments, has shown only a minute rise in males. In females, the incident rate remained stable over thirty years.

However, they also found out that a significant increase in brain cancer incidents was evident in people who were aged 70 years or more. They, however, also found out that the incidence of brain cancer in this particular age group started from 1982.

This was a time when mobile phone was not in common use. In fact, mobile devices were introduced in 1987. Apparently, mobile phones did not increase brain cancer risk. One of the main reasons put forward by the researchers was improved diagnosis in the age group.

Researchers from the Sydney University team also made a comparison of the actual brain cancer incidence over the same period, with the number of incidences that would have occurred if the hypothesis was accepted that mobile phones cause brain cancer.

The model that had been used for testing assumed that there is a 10-year lag from the time people started using mobile phones, to any evidence that there was a rise in incidences of brain cancer.

In case the hypothesis was deemed correct, the number of expected cases of brain cancer in 2012 would be 1866. In reality, however, the number of cases was 1435.

One of the researchers said that the radiation produced by mobile phones is non-ionizing and low energy which can only heat up electrons.


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