Bella Thorne adorns latest issue of Playboy Magazine

The sultry actress has been very outgoing about her Playboy debut. The young actress not only admitted that she is bisexual, she also emphasized the fact that she doesn’t mind showing off her body.

Bella Thorne Playboy Magazine

Bella Thorne Playboy Debut for November 2016 issue!

The exceedingly attractive red hair Bella Thorne is always very straightforward about her sexuality. She made her first appearance on the gentleman’s magazine with the help of some racy photographs.

In one of these pictures, she is seen wearing a silk jacket which ‘Bowie’ has embroidered on its back.

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In another picture, the young and sultry dame is channeling an old flame as she wears red stain.

Of course, it is obvious that no Playboy shoot is ever complete if there is no braless picture inside it. Keeping with the tradition, the latest issue of the famous magazine, the photographs have been shot by Chloe Aftel.

Bella Thorne poses for Playboy Magazine!

She was the one of contacted the magazine about their ‘no filter’ page. Like always, she was true to herself when she revealed that she was a bisexual.

The revelation came out despite contrary public opinion. Bella Thorne said that most of the people would never want to get to know the real person behind the persona. They are only interested in the person as they think they are.

That is why they will always be trying to change you. This has become more trite after the advent of the social media where everyone has his her say.

She further said that people would comment if her image had been too edgy and how they wished she should have looked. There is a lot of unwanted and unwelcome criticism.

Bella Thorne simply ignores all of it since it is very important for her to be who she actually is. The red hair admitted that anyone who has seen her Instagram posts would know that she has no qualms about showing her skin.

She is confident enough to show her body. It is very important for her to be confident since it becomes very difficult for a person to keep wearing a mask all the time.

Bella Thorne further reiterated her comment that she will not change for anyone else. She loves being herself.


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