A Friend Won and Lost By Alibaba in Washington

Alibaba is the one of the largest ecommerce company in the world. But, a friend won and lost by Alibaba in Washington. We are discussing this news in detail. This is about how Alibaba first won a friend by getting invited in a group and then kicked out of it just in a month.

A Friend Won and Lost By Alibaba in Washington

A Friend Won and Lost by Alibaba in Washington:

The story starts back in 2011, when a respectable anti-forging alliance in Washington started a war with the Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba. They claimed that their websites are serving 24 / 7 market. They said that pirates should be blocked. In addition to that they said that these pirates should be blacklisted. A friend won and lost by Alibaba in Washington.

Now in the last year, 2016, the same group revised their statement. Now, they said that the Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba is one of the strongest partner. These respectable anti-forging group then welcomed the Chinese company. They even welcomed Alibaba as a member as well as invited their founder. The founder of Alibaba was invited as the speaker on the spring conference in Orlando.

Later on, the group claimed many legal issues. These legal issues are arrayed by the American company. These issues were related to money and influence. A friend won and lost by Alibaba in Washington. At that time, these stories were not enough to take down the emerging ecommerce company Alibaba.

On the other hand, Alibaba was becoming the Chinese front face in the field of ecommerce. After some time, this company succeeded in becoming popular in all over the world. But, the company was the first to become a member of anti-forging group. But, they were kicked out just after a month of its membership. This is how a friend won and lost by Alibaba in Washington.

The company also said that the Chinese company should go back to home and they should solve their problems at the first place. But now, Alibaba is one of the most giant companies in the world. This is an ecosystem of 15. 7 billion dollars. It has more than 10 million employees. If we look at the customers of Alibaba, they are large in number. Alibaba has around 423 million customers from all over the world.


After all this blaming story, the company stopped blaming Alibaba in the year 2015. Along with that, the company is convinced somehow that they enjoyed the Market safe project with the Chinese company, Alibaba. A friend won and lost by Alibaba in Washington is suspicious. This is because of the reason that Alibaba has many false reports about its sales of tobacco brands according to some news.


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