Most Important Announcements from Apple WWDC 2015

The new feature and products were announced exterminatory by Apple WWDC. Which have a very high energy and its drake was in the building, but if we look at the big betray so it looked a lot like the features and products of opponent and the prominent example of it is google. If we look at the biggest announcement of WWDC, so it is the Apple’s new streaming service, Apple music.

Most important announcements from Apple WWDC 2015

This Apple music added $3 billion beats last year. Its purpose of releasing Apple music for Android is only to entertain audience on a large-scale as possible. The second purpose of introducing Apple music is to give obviously a middle finger as possible to google play.

Apple is going exactly after Pandora’s radio audience.  Apple is trying to kill Tidal here as it left behind the Parade. Its music connect feature drake briefly blather about shield in on Sound cloud’s social music discovery.

It is a kind of downer to see drake fascinating for Apple when he’s been such an avid and great. Sound cloud which is the online audio platform which enables the users to upload, record and promote their originally created sounds and it is also the platform of connecting fans with artists.

Like the others applications Notes also part of Apple but it renovates today puts it in closer competition with third-party organization app like Evernote. It good because now we can make checklists on it, adds photos, maps, and websites and also can draw sketches on it.

Same things we can do in Notes. It has a horrible track record and its new public transit feature should attract commuters without cars. It is using privacy just to differentiate its personal assistance features from Google’s offerings.

It is not necessary that every good thing must be advertised to increase its sale. Like New York Times articles have no ads yet but we’ll see how long that lasts. One best thing in Apple is its durable pay expansion.

It also renamed Passbook as Wallet and we can see this clearly that its plan is to kill Google’s competing features just to earn the name of Apple’s own applications.

Apple search is very easy as compared to Google because of its intelligent search feature. Apple News is the best mobile reading experience ever. It is designed to grab the people’s attention.


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