Taliban carried out a devastating bomb attack in Kabul

In Kabul around 32 people lost their lives and scores were injured after a devastating truck bomb blast allegedly perpetrated by the Taliban.

Taliban carried out a devastating bomb attack in Kabul

The blast tore through the central parts of the capital Kabul on Tuesday. The attack comes within a week of a renewed offensive by the Afghan insurgents.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack in the crowded neighborhood which culminated in clouds of smoke. Glass windows many kilometers away from the scene of the blast were shattered.

The attack that took place near the ministry of Defense is a major incident to rock the capital since the Taliban announced that they were resuming fighting.

The chief of Kabul police Abdul Rahman Rahimi said while speaking to the reports that the suicide bomber had blown up a truck laden with explosive material in a parking lot situated besides a government building.

He further revealed that there was another attacker who had started a gunfight with the security official. He was finally killed by the return fire. The Afghan interior ministry stated that 32 people were killed in the attack. There were women and children among the dead.

The ministry fears that the death toll could rise even higher. There are more than 300 people who had been wounded and were battling for their lives.

It took many hours to control the flames caused by the powerful blast. Security officials were afraid that there may be more bombers in the area waiting for the right time to blow up. An eyewitness said that he saw several people lying on the street and crying for help.

According to a statement by the interior ministry, the culprits had used hundreds of kilos of explosive material. The bombing is seen as the most devastating in the capital this year.

The Taliban spokesman claimed that insurgents had also successfully entered the National Directorate of Security office. An Afghan minister agreed that an attacker did manage to enter the compound of the government office but was gunned down immediately.

The Taliban had announced last week that they were starting the annual spring offensive despite government efforts for a ceasefire.


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