WikiLeaks: America Spied on French Presidents

WikiLeaks is famous for revealing secret documents that always shatter the foundation of a society or country. This time it strikes on the expectation of Franc e and blames all their security and protection efforts.

WikiLeaks: America Spied on French Presidents

According to the wikileaks there are some published documents that were shown late Tuesday that says the U.S. National Security Agency eavesdropped on the last three French presidents, liberating material which seemed to capture officials in Paris talking openly about Greece’s economy, relationships with Germany and unluckily the American spying.

The announcement initiated disturbance among French politicians, though it didn’t disclose any huge amazements or mysteries. France itself is on the edge of admiring broad new investigation powers, and is among numerous U.S. associates that depend deeply on American spying powers when demanding to stop terrorist and other threats.

This seems to be a big and old plot that has revealed accidentally. There was no immediate validation of the precision of the documents unconfined in association with French daily newspaper Liberation and exploratory website Media part, but Wiki Leaks has a precise record of circulating intelligence and political material. It seemed severe enough to prompt a crisis convention of President Francois Hollande’s defense council.

The council seems to determine to find a solution assembling Wednesday morning and this convention comprises top French security officials. On the other hand U.S. National Security Council orator Ned Price gives a statement that the American government would not remark on the particular leak. Saying to the media:

“We do not conduct any foreign intellect surveillance actions unless there is a precise and authenticated national security resolve. This put on to conventional citizens and world leaders alike.” After the documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden presented in 2013 that the NSA had been snooping on the cellphone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it had been assumed that the U.S. had been consuming the digital spying agency to intercept the discussions of allied politicians.

Considering this report also registered in a chart what were considered to be the phone numbers recorded by NSA as top French official intercept marks comprising the most shocking number of the French president’s own cellphone. France has to take this information seriously and confirm their security issues.

Hrafnsson declined to comment on how Wiki Leaks had gotten the documents and denied to go into details about what else might be looking in the French press but said that they can suppose more exposures in the near future.


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