How Much RAM Does a Mobile Need this Year? 4GB or 6GB?

The advancements in technology have changed the whole approach to making software on Android devices. Earlier, the norm was phoned with less RAM size, so anything over 4GB of RAM was considered a luxury. Now, a simple way for a manufacturer to make a smartphone look better is to add more RAM. It must mean a bigger number is better, right? 

4GB RAM mobile

Although that’s generally true, in the smartphone world, finding the right amount of RAM presents a specific challenge. How much is “enough”? The brief response is that for a smartphone, you should aim for a baseline of at least a 4GB RAM mobile. The long explanation is a little more nuanced.

What is RAM?

RAM is a piece of hardware on any computer, whether it is a handheld or a PC, where current application data is processed for instant access to the processor. For devices, this acts as the main memory. The performance of the computer depends not only on the processor but also on the amount of memory (RAM) it carries.  

If several applications have been opened by a user, then their current state is logged to the RAM, which enables the user to access the app in its current state after completing work on another app. More RAM means more data and multiple programs running in memory for a smooth user experience.

Why Android phones need more RAM

Android OS is designed for different devices with different hardware specifications, so running the correct application code requires more memory. Android apps are also allowed to use as much RAM as they need, so they end up gathering more RAM and cleaning up data when it’s not used.

How much RAM do we actually need?

If we look at the current scenario, any young person or professional will not use too many apps at one time and the codes are smaller in nature, so a 4GB RAM mobile is good enough for a regular user.

As far as 6GB of RAM is concerned, the beauty of Android systems is that too much is never too much. Graphics-intensive games and applications that do a lot of processing, such as video converters, graphics editors, etc., they are now designed to use full RAM. However, too much RAM at the moment is typically a waste of hardware and resources. In the near future, more RAM might be beneficial, but it might not be the case right now.


Today, as RAM is no longer a benchmark, and even smartphones under 10000 INR boast 4GB RAM, software developers have changed the approach; they are now adding more software features and, while running, this requires more RAM. 

Similarly, for an improved experience. Thus, the strategy has changed from being thrifty to be generous in the use of RAM. With smartphone brands now on the verge of offering 16GB RAM smartphones, we must stop and ask ourselves how much RAM we actually need. 

There are laptops that are running Windows 10 operating systems quite happily with 4GB of RAM. A smartphone with either 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM should be able to cater to our needs and requirements, at least for now.

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