5 Facts About Women’s Health That You May Not Know

Facts About Women’s Health

Health and healthcare are two of the biggest topics of today’s world. There is more and more accent on improving your diet and overall health through lifestyle changes and exercises. However, there are some facts about women’s health and bodies that don’t seem to be changing that much. The human body is amazing and it holds many secrets, and if you’d like to learn more about your body, or the body of your wife, girlfriend, and other women in your life, here are some amazing facts about women’s health. 

Arthritis Affects Women More Than Men

Arthritis is one of the most common disabilities in women. This disability is a condition that affects joints and tissues around them. It is truly a painful disease that causes joints to become stiff and lose flexibility and function even. This makes women experience difficulties performing daily tasks. 

In order to prevent or eliminate this condition, you need more than just paying attention to your general health. Talk to your doctor about physical activity programs that are designed to help with arthritis and help you improve your life. Plus, physical activity is proven to help reduce pain and improve your mood and ability to move. 

Vaginal Infections Can Go Away on Their Own

Women between the ages of 15 and 44 are at an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis. This condition is a result of too much bacteria in the vagina which impacts and changes the normal healthy balance. However, it is still unknown if sexual activity affects the development of excess bacteria, and most women don’t report having any symptoms. Usually, vaginal infections can go away on their own as the vagina works on its healthy balance and you usually don’t need any treatment. However, it is recommended to have a checkup and talk with your doctor about treatment. When it comes to treating patients, good care means accurate diagnostics. New machines will leverage AI and technological updates. So you want your diagnostic imaging and ultrasound machine to be reliable so that diseases are identified in the initial stage. When it comes to women it is important to take good care and health treatment. Siemens ultrasound is a brand that aims to empower medical professionals. With these innovations, they can make important decisions with access to more patient information. Delivering precise diagnoses is a high priority. This can lead to fewer unnecessary invasive procedures, and nurses can collaborate with doctors to develop proper aftercare.

Not Every Lump is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is every woman’s greatest fear. However, if you notice a lump in your breast after self-examination, you shouldn’t panic. However, definitely contact your doctor. Most breast lumps are not cancer and can be quite common. Most lumps are fibrosis, cysts, and other non-cancerous or benign breast tumors. So, if you feel a lump, take a deep breath and schedule an appointment for a mammogram. 

If you notice a swollen and painful lump, it may be a breast abscess or simply a collection of pus caused by an infection. Smoking is usually the culprit for breast abscesses since the nicotine gets stuck in the blood vessels and causes clogging. However, if your lump ends up being cancerous, you should talk to your doctor to see what’s your next step. You may even have to undergo a mastectomy, but you can easily get “new breasts” after the surgery and recovery. 

Asthma is Also More Common in Women

Women are more susceptible to respiratory health issues and get diagnosed with asthma more frequently than men. Older women have higher risks of developing asthma at later stages of their life and this can even cause death. There are many triggers for asthma attacks and every woman should be aware of them in order to prevent those attacks from occurring. You should try and eliminate your exposure to dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, mold, and other pollutants in the air. Unfortunately, these triggers are not always avoidable so it is vital that you know how to handle asthma attacks if they occur. 

Infertility Problems

This is another health issue that is more common in women. In the US, 6% of women between the ages of 15 and 44 struggle with infertility. This includes having trouble getting pregnant and not being able to carry the baby full term. There are various factors that can increase the risks of a woman becoming infertile. These factors are having an untreated STD, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, being overweight, and experiencing too much stress on a daily basis. You should definitely talk to your doctor about your infertility issues as some can be treated or assisted reproductive technology can be implemented to help you get pregnant.

Lately, there has been more focus and emphasis on women’s health. Women’s bodies are amazing, but hormones that are different from those in men, are increasing the risks of poor health and disorders appearing in women. That is why annual checkups and examinations are a must since most of these health issues can be prevented. Stay healthy ladies!

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