6 Common but Surprising Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain Causes – About 8 out of 10 people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Women are more prone to problems with posture and back due to the fact that they carry insanely heavy bags, become pregnant or allow their children to ride on one hip. But there are a huge number of other reasons besides these ones.

6 Common but Surprising Causes of Back Pain

Here is a list of the six most common but surprising causes for back pain.

1. You have stress

An emotional state is an excellent predictor of back pain. Mental disorders demonstrate themselves physiologically. If you strain for a long time, the muscle tightness can lead to pain and cramps. The most common areas of pain caused by stress include the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing (inhale very slowly, hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale) are very helpful. You can also take a walk or do yoga.

2. You are fond of very tight pants

Tight jeans can be too tight against the back. The British Chiropractic Association conducted a study that found that 73% of women suffer from back pain because of their clothes. Tight-fitting jeans, high heels, and large heavy bags are considered the main culprits. It is always better to choose clothes from a stretchy fabric that fits comfortably, but not tight-fitting. You also should be able to put your finger under your belt.

3. You have uneven hips 

Many people don’t even suspect that they got uneven hips. This means that one side of your pelvis is a bit higher than the other. This imbalance can lead to pain in the lower back during your daily life and usually becomes especially noticeable during exercise. Uneven hips affect your body’s reaction to certain movements and are different for people with this problem. If your right thigh is higher and you “fall” to the right side, you may feel that your thigh muscles are tensing more. In case you feel constant back pain during exercise, it is better to consult your doctor before using home remedies

4. You wear too high heels

Your collection of fashionable shoes can negatively affect your back. High heels tend to shift your center of gravity. Wearing high heels makes you lean forward while walking, put additional pressure on your legs and make you not fully stretch your calves. This causes more tension and stress in the lower back, which can lead to pain. If you actually need to wear heels for work, buy a good pair of comfortable shoes and change them in the office.

5. You are a smoker

According to research published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, smokers are more prone to get constant back pain than non-smokers. Cases of back pain were the least among those who had never smoked and raised with an increase in the smoking period. The highest percentage of back pain was found in current smokers.

6. You sit all-day

The lack of physical activity is one of the most harmful things you can do to your body. Your muscles get used to the sitting position, that’s why they tighten. Stretch your lower back muscles when you wake up to fight sitting muscle stiffness. Your lower back begins to feel pain when they begin to strain. It is also recommended to perform a quick stretching at noon and before bedtime. Get up and walk several times during the day and try to maintain the proper posture when you are sitting.

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