7 Best Tourist Places in Willemstad ?

Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, is known for its pastel colonial architecture. The city offers beautiful landscapes and an ever so bustling shopping center. To know more, visit Delta Airlines official site!

Best Tourist Places in Willemstad

The Riffort

Live music, dancing and souvenirs, and so much are inside the fort. There are welcoming ships to the St. Anna Bay is on the island and has been the UNESCO world heritage site. The fort was earlier sed for a military purpose, then it became a government building and later on a police station. The fort is definitely for someone who admires history and architecture.

The Queen Emma Bridge

Queen Emma Bridge is a floating bridge that is a connecting link between the Eastern Punda and western Otrobanda districts of Willemstad. It opens up halfway and for a few minutes and becomes perpendicular to the shore to allow big ships to sail through. It can give you a great opportunity t click photos are it looks mesmerizing. It looks extra beautiful and stunning at night because of the arch lights that are seen on the entire bridge.

Colorful Buildings all over the city

The building that you will find here will stay in your head for a really long time! The beautiful colorful architecture is found all over the city. The stories say that the buildings used to be white, but the governor had a lot of headaches due to the reflection off of the white buildings, and his solution was to get it colorful.

The Markets of the city along the shore and in the city

There are different markets around the corner of SaintAnna Bay. The floating markets are a sight, and they sell fish, coconuts, and other items along the shore. You will also find stores for souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, and so much more. Further down the street, I found booths set up with people selling souvenirs, jewelry, bags, clothing, and more. Apart from these stores, you will find a two-story building called a new market.

Street Art

You will find murals and street art all over Willemstad; while exploring all three districts of Otrobanda, Punda, and Pietermaai, you will see unique art everywhere. The most prolific around the city was Garrick Marchena. His murals typically had depth and a certain level of skill that anyone would want to stay and understand the meaning of the art.

Jewish Museum

The Caribbean had a history for Jewish people as well. The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue is in the center of the Punda district of Curaçao. It has been known as a remarkable historical structure because it is the oldest continuously used synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. The Synagogue was made in the 1670s after the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish people formed a community. Tours are given daily except during the Sabbath. If you tour the inside, you will find that it has a unique sand floor!

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