9 Common Signs of a Good Accountant You Should Be Aware Of

Signs of a Good Accountant – An accountant tends to be one of the most important persons in a company after the head. After all, the success of the business as a whole depends on how well he or she does the job. A good accountant pays sufficient attention to the work and does his or her best while working.

You should understand that it is not so easy to find a good accountant for a full-time job. That’s why outsourcing accounting firms are gaining popularity day by day. But it is essential to choose a professional accountant if you want to avoid negative complications. In this article, we have gathered nine common signs of a good accountant you should be aware of.

Signs of a Good Accountant

1. An accountant should be responsible

You don’t have to hear emotional cries (like “Everything is wrong here!”) from your accountant. In many cases, incompetent specialists try to shift responsibility for minor mistakes onto other specialists or contractors. They also don’t pay sufficient attention to real problems, which are his or her direct responsibility to solve.

2. An accountant should manage the work in time

Another dangerous phrase that you are unlikely to hear from a good accountant is “I don’t have time for anything!” Undoubtedly, in the work of an accountant, there are rush jobs due to the accounting period or changes in legislation. But if this happens all the time, then perhaps such an accountant experiences the lack of necessary skills.

3. An accountant should ask questions

If you have hired a so-called specialist who doesn’t require any documents from you for weeks, you may think that a professional is finally working for you. Unfortunately, it is not. Most likely, the very first check will open a lot of problems for you and your business.

4. An accountant shouldn’t complain about taxes

An experienced accountant always calmly conducts a dialogue with this organization and has no problems, except in some special cases. If your accountant can’t manage taxes or any other accounting work, it can mean that you have hired the wrong accountant.

5. An accountant should improve your business

A good accountant should offer you methods and options on how to optimize the tax base. Additionally, he or she can give you advice on how to save you money and make your business more profitable.

6. An accountant has relevant experience

Accounting in different industries is assessed with varying degrees of complexity. For example, CIRA accounting differs from HOA accounting and a good accountant should know this difference.  If your specialist worked in production, then keeping records in trade will not be a problem. 

7. An accountant always double-checks all numbers

Even if you are already sending your accountant the same type of contract for the 100th time, he or she should still check all the details. Otherwise, even the smallest mistake can cost you a significant amount of money and a lot of work.

8. An accountant manages all the documents 

A Signs of a good accountant always knows where to find the information and how to manage documents. A specialist enters all the primary information into the database, so if the question arises about where some numbers came from in taxes, then the time for an answer will take several minutes. 

9. An accountant requires a good salary

It is essential to understand that a professional accountant that has the necessary skills and knows a lot of useful information can’t earn little money. If you want to have a specialist that will help develop your business, you shouldn’t save on the salary of your accountant. 

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