Americans are in extreme danger – myth or reality

The Oath Keepers media director has recently stated that Americans are in extreme danger. The same person has offered little by way of proof that the statement has any credibility.

Americans are in extreme danger

Americans are in extreme danger

False flags and propaganda have always been used with success for hundreds of year. In fact, it wasn’t so successful, the dictators, liars and bullies in the world would never have survived. However, Americans in extreme danger is an example of such a lie. Such lies have taken a great proportion especially after 9/11.

The same has come to new heights after the Arab Spring and the recent turmoil in the Middle East.

But, the goal of the people who spread this propaganda is to militarize the entire world, and offer opportunities to all the dictators and their brutal regimes to suppress and suffocate popular uprisings and protests.

At the end of the day only a small elite of the world will be able to control the entire wealth of the planet and the rest of the people will either be subjugated or would have been dead in wars, famines and calamities.

The lie is that Americans in danger has been engineered to achieve complete hegemony over the world.

War and Chaos

Unfortunately, there are several wars going on in the entire world. Some of them are overt while the rest of them are covert. Super powers are using their proxies in different areas that are killing civilians as well as each other. There is total war and chaos.

Take for example Syria

There are many players in the country who are using their proxies for the purpose of carrying out a war. The Syrians themselves are caught in the middle of the conflict. The same is the case in Iraq where a coalition of many different kinds and types are carrying out an attack on Mosul.

Decades of cold war with Russia has made America dependent on its military might. The security industry in the country is making money in millions of dollars.

These people are always spreading rumors of war that America in danger. But, the truth is very far from this statement. All the conflicts of the world are thousands of miles away from America and there is very little chance that anyone of them will touch it.

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