Apple creates Yellow iPad Pro for Charity

The Apple iPad Pro designed by Jonathan Ivy and his team will be available for $ 18,000.

Apple creates Yellow iPad Pro for Charity

Apple products have become rather colorful over the years. Recent additions of gold and rose gold products attest to the fact that the company is striving to provide vibrant hues to its customers.

Keeping with this trend, Apple has recently come up with a bright yellow 12.9 inch iPad Pro. This piece will be available for 18,000 Dollars.

The company designed the one-off device for an Apple charity at the London Design Museum. Customers will be able to get their hands on an Apple Pencil, blue leather Smart Cover for the device,
The yellow Apple iPad Pro has been designed by Jonathan Ive and his team.

The iPad Pro is anodized with a yellow dye which makes it very unique among all the standard colors of Apple products which include Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold and silver. When compared to the Gold gadget, the yellow iPad Pro is brighter as well as more vibrant.

Jonathan Ive had displayed the prototype of this device at the Design Museum during the 90s. It was before he started working for Apple. Ive was also the winner of the first “Design of the Year” award of the museum in 2003.

He received this award for iMac. In order to support the London Design Museum, Jonathan Ive and his team has the special yellow iPad Pro’s unique edition.

The yellow Ipad Pro’s Apple Pencil will be available in a casing of Orange Italian calf leather. An Auction listing has revealed that the back of the device as well as its Smart Cover will be embossed with “Edition 1 of 1.”

Jonathan Ive started his career with Tangerine where he designed several products including microwaves, drills and toilets. Apple was a client of Tangerine. The company was trying to hire Ive and finally recruited him in 1992 becoming a Senior Vice President in 97.

Jonathan Ive’s first assignment was the iMac which was followed by several famous and successful products like the iPhone and iPad. In the past, Apple has donated many specially designed items for auctions at charities. Jonathan Ive also created the Solid Gold Ear Pods and a Red Mac besides several other unique items.

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