Research Reveals Dangerous Implications of Phone Hacking

Phone Hackers can easily retrieve all the information from a cell phone without the knowledge of the user. Now Mobile phone hacking has become so easy these days

Phone HackingA recent research carried out by a reputable university in the US has revealed that cellular networks knowingly or unknowingly leak their user information which allows phone hackers to track cell phones without the knowledge of users.

In order to provide efficient service, the cell phone towers track their subscribers. Suppose there is an incoming call for a user, the network needs to locate the device so that proper resources could be allocated for handling the call. The network must track the phone inside a very large area so that it can be found with ease.

The tower then, sends a page to that particular device and waits for its response when the user receives the call. One of the most usual hacking tricks employed by cell phone hackers is to force the messages sent by the tower to hang up before the target’s phone rings.

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Cellular companies must have the location of the device in order to provide their service. Here, it must be noted that certain government agencies can get the information regarding any device from cellular service providers.

The group who was researching mobile phone hacking phenomenon has made it clear that a hacker can access this information without any difficulty since there is a very low entry barrier. This barrier can be compromised easily with the help of open source software.

The group carried out a practical phone hacking with the help of a normal phone and software. They tracked the exact location of cellphone users without bringing it to their knowledge. The experiment was done on a GSM network which is the most favored network all around the globe.

In another test, the research group easily tracked a subject inside a 10 block radius. The point to be noted here is that the subject was not stationary, rather it was moving at a slow pace. His whereabouts were tracked with the help of simple equipment without any kind of help from the service provider.

The research implies some very serious issues with users’ safety. A service provider can easily give away information about dissidents within a protest to the agents of an oppressive regime. A thief can also find out if its target is at home before breaking in.

Mobile phone hacking has become so easy these days that a person can easily find his way into any cell phone and get all the information about the user which can have devastating effects both socially and financially.

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