Canada to lift Sanctions against Iran

Canada is planning to begin lifting sanctions against Iran in line with its allies.

Stephane Dion: Canada to lift Sanctions against Iran

Canada’s minister of foreign affairs Stephane Dion has stated that his country will start lifting some of the sanctions against Iran in the aftermath of the deal that will curb the latter’s nuclear program.

The foreign minister stated in French during a question answer session, that the United Nations has requested countries to lift sanctions against Iran that were introduced to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons.

He further stated that Canada will begin lifting sanctions against Iran but it still does not completely trust the regime and does not deem it fit to allow it to have nuclear weapons. The Iranian regime violated human rights and is at odds with some of Canada’s allies including Israel. He vowed that Canada will keep its eyes open.

Canada aims to lift sanctions against Iran in line with its allies who are keeping the sanctions intact in order to make sure that it does not acquire the capacity and the expertise to make weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Dion also reiterated his country’s commitment to be very responsible while dealing with Iran.

The foreign minster was responding to the remarks of the conservative minister Peter Kent regarding the stance of the Canadian government on sanctions against Iran – a country that is a ‘bad actor’ in his opinion as well as a staunch supporter of Bashar al Assad regime in Syria.

Tony Clement, the conservative foreign affairs critic also criticized the policy saying that the government had taking a completely wrong turn. He said:

“Iran continues to be a state sponsor of terrorism, continues to deny as state policy the very existence of Israel. It continues to oppress its people,” Clement said. “Now is not the time to review or remove sanctions against a country that is still not within the world family of nations that co-operates and works with other nations.”

The minister from Montreal responded to the Conservatives’ criticism by saying that the approach of the former government was irrational and ideological. He also said that Canada will be left alone if it maintains sanctions against Iran since almost all of its allies were taking a different course regarding this issue.

To a question regarding the sale of civilian aircraft’s to Iran Air, the foreign minster replied that there was no point in maintaining sanctions that could help one of the most important industries in Canada. He said that Airbus was doing it, and there was no reason for Bombardier to refrain from doing it.

There was also indication from the foreign minister that Canada might be opting to open its embassy in Tehran, however, such a step will not be the first when it comes to restoring ties with the Middle Eastern nation. The Canadian embassy in Tehran was hastily closed down in 2012.

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  • No one should have nuclear weapons, least of all countries like Iran. I find it hilarious and disturbing that anyone thinks that there could be a winner in a nuclear war. There would be no “war”. There would be fallout, then everything dies, and nobody is left alive to win.