4 Best Games You Can Play to Spend a Quality Family Time

Family time games – From stressful weekdays to exhausting weekdays and full schedule, our hectic daily life leaves little to no time for family and fun.

family time games

Even if we get time, we prefer to spend it in isolation – scrolling social media or texting with friends or watching Netflix, etc. Especially the upcoming generation – Generation Z or Gen Z – dread the idea of family time. 

Unless you make any extra effort, you cannot spend quality time with your family. That is the catch. Nobody has the extra energy to look for quality family time. Nobody wants to put effort into it.

How about if we tell you that there are ways in which you can enjoy your sitting with your family without having to make it feel like an effort. You wouldn’t have to go out of your way to do something.

One of those ways to enjoy quality family time is gaming. It is why we bring you a list of the best games you can play to spend quality family time. So, here is a list:

  1. Uno

When it comes to family time, no game beats the absolute love of the entire family for Uno. Uno has become a classic game to be played with people around. Neither does it involve violence, nor does it require nifty skills. It’s simple gameplay for having fun!

The name of the game in Spanish stands for “one.” The game is played with specially printed Uno cards, which is not the deck you use for games like poker. The number of cards in the game is 108 to allow the maximum number of people to join in on the fun.

The end goal of the game is to score 500 points. How you go about doing this is to be the first one to play all your cards. Before you play your last card, you would typically tap your hand on all the played cards and say, Uno.

Once your cards are finished, each card in the other players’ hands counts towards your points. The game continues till one player gets 500 points. It is an addictive game, and you can’t stop after just one game.

From action cards to colors to interactions during the game, everything about Uno says, “quality family time.” As everything becomes digitized, so do these card games. Uno can be played over the internet as well.

  1. Hangman

One of the classic pen and paper games, hangman, is in a league of its own when it comes to the most enjoyable and yet brain-teasing games. 

The game follows a simple trial-and-error method combined with educated guesses. You get to guess exciting words to fill up the blanks. The catch is that every wrong guess brings your beloved animated character closer to being hung to death.

So while all of you sit together throwing out alphabets, remember to have an organized approach. There are always points for being smart and coming up with the right alphabets every time you play. 

Today, you don’t have to gather around a table with a pencil and paper to play this game. The world of the internet has various options for you to play this game digitally. One of them is Unlimited Gamez mo, whose specially engineered version of the hangman guarantees a quality family time.

Not just that, on their website, for a minimal subscription, you get to play a wide variety of games online on your mobile phone. So, pick up your mobile and challenge your brother for a friendly hangman duel.

More than just entertainment, hangman is also a very handy tool to improve the vocabulary of kids.

  1. Scrabble

When we talk about games with both entertainment and learning, Scrabble always rises to the occasion. The idea behind the game is to make words from a series of jumbled alphabets. 

The game can be played by 2 to 4 players on a 15 by 15 board and alphabets inscribed on tiles. Different alphabets have different scores, while the multiplying tiles can be used to further add on to your score. 

The smarter you are in picking your alphabets and knowing where to place them to make the most advantage of your tiles, the better you can be at the game. Your success in scrabble will come to reflect in your enhanced vocabulary and problem-solving skill.

All while you have fun learning new words and navigating your way around the board for maximum points. If you choose to play in teams, you will discover a completely new range of words from the same alphabets. 

Again, you can play scrabble on the internet as well. However, we recommend being old-school here. Play ii on the board because that’s what the real essence of scrabble is. 

  1. Charades

Talking about a game and quality family time, how could the discussion conclude without mentioning Charades?

The ultimate fun game with loads of noise, Charades promises for one heck of quality time. Do you know the best part about charades? You get to decide even the rules of the game at times.

So be it two teams or three, and whatever number of people is available, you will have your fun. Plus, when you pick for the funniest of movie names, you get to see the best attempts at coming up with the name. 

But if you notice closely, you will realize that the game follows a very impressive problem-solving technique. Once you get the hang of it, you will see how good you become at solving problems. 

Final Word

When it comes to some real bonding, nothing but games come to mind for your family. So, be it cheering up a young one in the family or one of the elders, just bring out one of these classic and traditional family games. In no time, everything will be fun and games.

And while you are at it, you’ll learn a thing or two about teamwork and coordination. So, happy family time!

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