Feel free to Purchase Huawei P9 From Vodafone

Huawei P9 is the new and amazing product of Huawei. Recently, it is updated that people who wants to purchase Huawei P9 from Vodafone can also get it on monthly basis.

Feel free to Purchase Huawei P9 From Vodafone

Contracts to Purchase Huawei P9 from Vodafone:

If you purchase Huawei P9 from Vodafone, you can pre-order it. You can also pre-order it on Vodafone. In addition to this service, Vodafone allows you to make your order right on phone. But to avail this offer, you have to wait till Monday. That is 16th May, 2016. After that you can make your orders from anywhere and you will get your Huawei P9. If you get a Vodafone red value, you will get 5 GB internet package for 38 dollars per month.

Vodafone provides many facilities to its buyers. If you are not satisfied with your products, you can return it too. You will get your full fee if you are recurring your product within 30 days. If you are living in United Kingdom, you will get your product totally free of transport cost. Free home delivery is ensured in minimum 2 and maximum 4 working days.

Specifications of Huawei P9:

Now, as you know you can buy Huawei P9 from Vodafone. You can also check its specs through it. It weighs 144 grams. It has 5.2 inches wide touch screen. Android 6.1 marshmallow is present in Huawei p9. It contains an outstanding LED flash with 12 mega pixels rear camera. If you want to take stylish selfies and upload them on Facebook or Instagram, use your 8 mega pixels front camera. Enjoy unlimited videos and chats on your new Huawei P9.

LTE services are available in new Huawei P9. Huawei P9 is a luxurious smart phone. It has an internal memory of 32 GB. If the user want to expand it, he / she can use expandable memory card in Huawei P9.

Mostly android smart phone users complain about the slowdown of the mobile. Huawei P9 will not get slow because it has an amazing software installed in it. The purpose of this software is to keep the smart phone updated.

This is the first smart phone which will allow you to set your camera on Hollywood mode. You can also watch TV and your favorite movies on your Huawei P9. It allows you to enjoy best android applications in Huawei P9.


Huawei has made it easy to access P9. Now purchase Huawei P9 from Vodafone on monthly contracts. It has amazing features. This smart phone is full of glamour and style. Moreover, the company is selling it on very reasonable price. This is an extremely powerful devices in the world of smart phones.

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