Former NFL Player Will Smith Shot Dead

New Orleans shooting, former NFL player Will Smith and his wife were shot by a man in orange SUV as they left a dinner party

Former NFL Player Will Smith Shot Dead

The former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith and his wife Racquel were shot after they had a blast’ at the city festival. The shooting left Will Smith dead whereas his wife was sent to the hospital.

As per the reports of the New Orleans Police Department, there was an exchange of words between Will Smith and another man who was driving a Hummer SUV who shot the former several times. He also shot Smith’s wife in the leg.

Billy Ceravolo, a former police officer, who was having dinner with the couple before they were shot, told a local news channel that Raquel was recovering. He did not disclose any further information.

Early on Sunday, 28 year old Cardell Haynes has been booked by the Sheriff’s office on the charges of second-degree murder. Jail records state that the bond was set for a million Dollars. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, however, the police department does not know that they knew each other before the incident.

Police is also investigating an old lawsuit filed by Hayes against the city of New Orleans. The suit was filed by Hayes when his father was shot and killed by police. Ceravolo was also named in the lawsuit.

On Saturday, Will Smith has shared a selfie of himself and Racquel with the caption which indicated that the couple were having a great time at the annual event of the French Quarter Fest.

Right after the post appeared on Instagram, both Will Smith and Raquel Smith had dinner at famous cafe. They were accompanied by Ceravolo, Pierre Thomas – a former teammate – and a sports agent.

The restaurant manager has told the police that the group was in a really good mood and enjoying their time together. Smith and his wife left the restaurant just before closing time in their Mercedes G63 SUV which followed a gray Chevrolet occupied by their friends.
Only after ten block, the situation turned ugly.

When the vehicles reached an intersection, Hayes came behind them in his Hummer and rear-ended smith’s car which hit the Chevrolet.

There were some exchange of words between Smith and Hayes and then, suddenly the latter began shooting and hit Smith several times. He also shot Raquel in the right leg.

The weapon used in the incident has been recovered. It has no record. There was another passenger in the vehicle besides Hayes but he believed not to have been involved in the shooting. Married in 2008, Will and Racquel Smith have three children.

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