Get to Know Executive Search Firms and What They Can Do

A service that is now starting to be widely used by companies USA, Executive search firms is the best shortcut for those who want to find the best candidate for the desired position. Let’s first understand what Head Hunter is.

The main focus of human resource management is to contribute to the success of organizations and educational institutions.

Human resource management must consist of activities related to human resource management including human resource planning and analysis, equal employment opportunities, recruitment for human resource development, compensation and benefits, health, safety and security, labor relations, and laborer. (Mathis, Jackson, 2001: 12)

Before filling job vacancies, organizations should first look for people who not only qualify for the position but also want a job.

Organizations need a number of workers in an effort to realize their existence for the achievement of goals.

The workforce functions as executor of work which is the main task of the organization.

After HR planning, and job analysis and classification are held, the next step is to carry out recruitment.

Executive search is the process of finding, and attracting applicants to be employed in and by an organization.

The purpose of recruitment is to get a supply of as many potential applicants as possible so that the organization or company will have a greater opportunity to make choices for job candidates who are deemed to meet qualification standards.

The recruitment process takes place from the time of looking for applicants to submitting applications by applicants.

Therefore, executive search as one of the human resource management activities cannot be separated from the description and specifications of the job or position as a result of job analysis or position which provides an overview of the main tasks that must be done.

The goal of the executive search is to provide a sufficient supply of labor to meet the needs of the organization.

By understanding what the workforce is doing, job analysis is the foundation of hiring.

The executive search involves a complex process involving substantial time and resources.

If you use the services of an executive search company exclusively (retained), then the company is entitled to high-quality services.

In the cooperation contract, several basic things are included.

The more you know everything about the job of executive search firms, the better your chances of getting the candidate you are looking for and getting back on the huge investment that has been spent.

The following is an outline of the Client’s Bill of Rights or company rights making the assignment as compiled by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

  1. The executive search company will provide an accurate and in-depth assessment of its ability to make the search process successful.
  2. The executive search firm will tell you who will carry out the search
  3. The executive search firm will provide a high-level consultative relationship
  4. Executive search firms will keep your information strictly confidential.
  5. The executive search firm will demonstrate a clear understanding of the position to be filled, the company, and the objectives of the search
  6. The executive search firm will provide you with regular and detailed search progress reports.
  7. The executive search firm will provide top-quality candidates that are appropriate to your position and organizational culture.
  8. The executive search firm will assist you in negotiating with the final candidate, representing both parties with a high level of expertise, integrity, and professionalism.
  9. The executive search firm will provide you with a clear understanding of the reimbursement policy and other unusual situations that may arise during and after the search process.
  10. The executive search firm will provide you with reasonable follow-up after the client has recruited the candidate.

Higher education executive search firms have been going wild in these years.
This service is no longer solely utilized by private companies but has extended to government organizations, NGOs, universities, and lateral/multilateral organizations.

Executive search firms are those who usually sell services like consultants to companies looking for professional executives with specific skills.

Companies that need executive staff with top positions such as managers, directors, CEOs, and others will use the services of a headhunter to find the right person.

It is the executive search firm to find the right person, according to qualifications, to check his skills and work experience.
Executive search firms must identify the needs of their clients by conducting interviews and analyzing job titles, personalities, and other specifics.

Executive search firms usually have a database of potential and competent people in their fields.

Following are the characteristics of reliable executive search firms:

  • Has a good track record regarding achievements and is widely recommended by companies. 
  • Has a client portfolio and can tell various cases in labor recruitment in various market segments. 
  • Broad insights related to business models in various industries that have been handled. 
  • Networking is broad or means having a database of candidates who have joined. 
  • Has an official website, because of its big responsibility to find and recommend candidates with specific skills such as manager, chief, head office or other positions in the company

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