Major Ways that Fleet Management can Improve Productivity

As your fleet grows, so too does the workload and difficulties of managing it. Monitoring performance and productivity can be a challenge, especially when most of the workforce is out in the field. The workforce faces an environment that can be unpredictable. Anything from flat tires to mechanical issues can put a strain on the already tight margins faced by most fleet management companies. Drivers and management are consistently searching for ways to save time and work more efficiently.

Fleet management software

Fleet management software helps fleet professionals and management teams increase their productivity. The software gathers and processes reports on activities occurring throughout the trip, focusing on everything from the driver, fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and any unseen events like accidents and road conditions. Once the information is gathered, the software can then help with driver efficiency, compliance issues, and general communication.

How to improve fleet management – These fleet management software platforms are usually accompanied by cameras that record road activity. Fleet management systems are at the center of improved fleet productivity and performance.

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Here is a rundown of some of how fleet management software can improve your team’s productivity.

Vehicle Benefits

Taking care of the fleet generally entails routine maintenance to ensure the vehicles are running smoothly. Using fleet management software will show a much more in-depth view. Tracking recurring trips will inform of any signs of wear and tear on the fleet that does not come up in routine maintenance checks. 

There are fleet management software options that will track the maintenance schedule of the vehicles and ensure the vehicles are retaining the proper benchmarks established at the initial fleet management software setup. The reasoning behind this software is to provide a base reading for the main fleet. If the base reading becomes skewed on a specific route or vehicle, the fleet management team knows there is an issue with either the vehicle or the driver. That is why drivers and management must be on the same page regarding fleet management software. The driver knows they will benefit as much or more as the company when management software is integrated. Faster routes equal less away time, and that equals happier, more engaged drivers.

Fleet management software also reduces the chance of an accident caused by a fleet driver. The overall monitoring and evaluation of the driver and the vehicle itself can implicate the other party as the cause of the accident. Trusting the fleet drivers and relying on them for reliable, indisputable data will save fleet managers time and money. The longevity of a long-distance vehicle comes down to essential vehicle maintenance and the process the fleet management team must maintain the vehicle. 

Driver Benefits

Drivers and management benefit when the team installs a fleet management system. When the drivers can see detailed reports on their routes, they can correct any irregularities the next time, therefore becoming more effective and efficient. 

Fleet tracking software works with GPS to provide real-time status on location, speed, engine status, and more. With the ability to see real-time data, the company can give live, accurate updates and timeframes to customers. Some of the other benefits of using fleet management software are:

  • keep track of vehicle locations
  • streamline the routes taken
  • confirm road conditions
  • real-time data on roads and environmental issues
  • find and isolate risky driving behaviors
  • keep a detailed trip history for each route

Managing real-time data on your fleet will give you the ability to find and identify problem areas on routes quickly. Road construction, though temporary, can have a significant negative impact on delivery schedules. By leveraging fleet management software and real-time data, plans can be implemented quickly to reroute around impacted areas. Significant traffic delays can also be minimized, if not completely avoided, by finding different roads to use.

Having real-time data helps to protect your fleet from false claims as well. With real-time monitoring and cameras, it is possible to dispute claims and keep a highly favorable reputation. Reputation, as everyone knows, is a massive part of the industry. 

The ability to come together with management and driving teams to focus on collected data will help grow a more robust, more efficient, and more productive workforce.

GPS Technologies works hard to provide the best fleet management software and personal tracking services available. Bringing the best technology to track speed, status, and location of the company assets is a vital component to the overall management and deployment of the fleet in the field. Working with our clients and listening to their feedback has led us to create GPS systems and interfaces that not only provide the coverage and data that you need but also adapts and helps prepare contingency plans due to unforeseen challenges. GPS Technologies is the premier fleet GPS service, and as such, we strive to enable our customers to streamline your processes and focus on your company. Therefore, we earnestly work to help your company grow faster and with more control over your fleet. 

Overall, the focus on creating a more productive, streamlined, and cost-effective fleet will only become more difficult as operations scale and budgets become tighter. Managing a fleet without fleet management software is not an option in today’s fast-paced workplace. The challenge of tracking your fleet in the field is near impossible without technical help. The current climate in the industry requires your fleet to be efficient, safe, and profitable, all while keeping within your margins. Bring your fleet the best fleet management software and contact us today. Our team is ready to put our software and hardware to work for you.

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