Google Lost $6.75 Million Against Antitrust Case

According to the recent news, Google lost $6.75 million against antitrust case. This case was initiated in Russia. The allegations against the company were very strong. Read this out if you want to know the details of this news.

Google Lost $6.75 Million Against Antitrust Case

Google Lost $6.75 Million Against Antitrust Case:

According to the recent news, the Silicon Valley biggest company Google is suffering from the allegations. The company was also fined 6. 75 million dollars. This is a huge amount. We can say that the Russians are giving an approximate of 438 million rubles. Google lost $6.75 million dollars in a very heavy serious case.

It is said that the Google was involved in throttling the competitors in the country. The Russians charged the fine against the company Yandex. Yandex is also a search engine. In addition to that, this search engine of Russia comes in the list of top 10 best search engines in the world. It is said that the company was violating the laws of the country. The company was forcing the device manufacturers to make Google services as some precondition product. This is because of the reason that they wanted to add their services in the Google play store.

Although there are many advantages of using Google Play Store, but the company has no right to implement it on the manufacturers. On the other hand, the company’s representative said that they does not require these type of implementations. Instead, it is the decision of the manufacturer, whether they want to have the company’s services and products or not.

It is said that this is the latest news on the dispute of the world’s two giant companies Google and Yandex. According to many analysts, the disputes between these two companies are just because of one reason. This is because of the reason that each of them is trying to enhance their market share. Here, we would like to mention that Yandex is the one who is maintaining approximately 50 % market share in Russia.

This fine charged by the Russian government is just a small amount for this giant company. This is because of the reason that Google’s annual turnover hits 74. 5 billion dollars. So, Google lost $6. 75 million dollars won’t be a problem for the company.


According to the news, the company is still under investigation. As, these issues are not new for Google. So, they might just pay the fine and go on to their regular interests. Here, a thing comes that the same company, Google is also facing some severe charges in European Union also. The allegations are still the same. Hence, we can say that the antitrust issues are not new for Google.

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