Gut Diseases directly linked to Tension Headaches

Human digestive system is very complex and it is very difficult to keep it in balance once a gastrointestinal symptom shows up. If your digestive system is working perfectly you didn’t bother much to keep it in swift form and when the trouble starts your gut makes you feel like a squeaky wheel. One should know the basic detail of his health, as new research proves that stress and tension headaches due to tension are directly linked to gut diseases.

Gut Diseases directly linked to Tension Headaches

This has a special health relation to major sources of gastrointestinal symptoms and problem with irritable bowel syndrome. With a little study and exploration we can see how mental stress and tension headaches can cause gastrointestinal distress.

The brain has a straight link to the stomach and all the effect happening to it. The link communicates through both ways. An infected intestine can pass signals to brain and in the same manner a brain in stress or tension can pass signals to the gut. So human stomach or intestinal problem can be the reason or the result of stress, tension or depression.

To keep the stomach healthy not only your food should be good but also your mind must be clear of all the worries and problems. Because of such relation in between the Irritable Bowel Syndrome and human brain we can say that the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are strongly connected.

There are numerous common gastrointestinal symptoms and IBS symptoms that are linked to the physical symptoms. If you have stomach disorder with tense or tight muscles particularly in the neck and shoulders area then following will be obvious symptoms:

  • If you are feeling a little shakiness or dizziness
  • When you are facing sleeping problem
  • If you have frequent tension headaches
  • If you have currently no interest in sex
  • If recently you are facing mind tense or restlessness
  • When you are certainly starting to lose weight
  • IBS and GI Disorders

Some people with regular GI problems prevails more pain precisely than other people do because their brains do not work in proper sequence with pain signals from the GI tract. Stress will cause your current pain to increase even worse.

Also some common problems like heartburn or abdominal cramps and discuss it all with your doctor. After proper care and using different strategies you can control the stress in your life. This will help you maintaining your digestive problems.

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