7 Things to Look for Before Hiring Odoo Developer


Odoo ERP is famous for its ease of use and scalability in different business operations. It is used by both large and small enterprises to streamline the business operations and carry out the tasks. You still need to make certain customizations in this development and the developer needs to configure the application at your workplace.

Hire Odoo Development

Why to Hire Odoo Experts

Specialists are included in your team that are well trained and qualified in this ERP system, unlike many other freelancers. They have expertise in all aspects like Accounting, Sales purchase, Human Resource, CRM, POS, etc. The developers are qualified and have the technical knowledge to cater to any modules or unique industry needs.

1. Select from Pool of Expert Resources

There will be no restrictions on resources with ERP Partners, unlike freelancers. The team of developers will quickly look into any issues if any in the project and try to resolve them.

2. Get a diverse range of Odoo Development Services

These partners will also help you with the scalability associated with your project. Based on the task and scale of operations, a flexible team can be set up. There are boundless services provided to you by the developers once they access the Enterprise Edition Source Code. If you hiring an Odoo development company, The hiring developers provide extensive services i.e., Implementation, Support, Migration, Customization, etc. much more than the freelancers because of their brimming knowledge and expertise in the field.

3. Extended Development Partners

One can make use of the resources provided by ERP Partners. The partners help you to provide any kind of service like Customization, Migration, Apps Development, Training, Integration, and Implementation.

4. Business in Safe Hands

You are assisted with an army of experts for your company when you are working with development partners. The assurances and confidentialities that these partners provide you with are of the best industry deals which can assure you that your company is in safe hands.

If you hire full-fledged Odoo Development Company, then rather than administrative woes your business focuses on more marketing and sales. You can sit back and relax as the qualified developers will look for the quality/technical stuff for you. A good hiring Odoo developer will always choose the best pathway for the betterment of a company.

Hire Odoo Development Company

Things to consider to Hire Odoo Development Company

Business is becoming more complex each day. Good teams are required to efficiently handle the different processes with maximum efficiency that have a skilled workforce and ERP system. If businesses want to switch to Odoo ERP based systems, organizations and businesses need to hiring an Odoo Development Company so that they could make the job easier. However, what are the things necessary to hire the perfect migration and development team? Below are some of the key factors that will help you hire the best Odoo Migration Company for your business. These questions will provide you with insight into how hire odoo professional development company can prove to benefit your company in the long run.

1. Seek prior experiences with this technology

Your project can flourish completely if the company you are about to choose has prior experience in these kinds of projects. With their years of experience and knowledge, there may be very few mistakes in the project. They can complete projects more efficiently and sooner.

2. Dedication for the Product

It is important to show dedication to attain any result. Before you hire any ERP Development Company, figure out their working process and dedication they provide to their projects with questions like how much time do they take to include any feature to some solution that they often struggle with and be more efficient with low-cost investment. Try to immerse in their process of solving problems. You will understand their dedication to the product once they answer
your questions.

3. History of the company and clientele

Companies always try to spread their wings as wide as they can and are focused on multiple projects on multiple platforms. Hence, take a look at their clientele and service implementation history. You can get a clear idea of their past works with their past clients through the clientele. They also inform you about their reputation in the market. The signs of a good company would be that it would have worked in different sectors during their work tenure, globally.

4. Odoo Community Contribution

Anyone can contribute to the Odoo platform as it is an open-source platform. As a company, before hiring Odoo developer check out their contributions to their open-source projects.

  1. Ask questions like have they solved any problem by releasing a plugin or a module in this ERP system?
  2. How often do they contribute to the core module?
  3. Do they send complaints to this platform after finding occasional bugs?

You should hire the company for your next project if they can answer questions like these.

5. Partnership Level

For companies that work on Odoo products and services, it provides them with a partnership status. The project has a higher chance of success if your partners are the ones working on it. You should hire a development company that answers positively through the questions given above.

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6. Industry-Specific Experience

You should look for industry-specific experiences as not all projects belong to a specific industry. There are many different agencies in which ERP solutions can be found.

7. Team Experience and Workforce Limit

The size of a team affects the way a team handles their project. Even though the size does not matter, you still should recommend a medium or small group to the workforce. The highest asset in a small or medium project is communication, which is the deciding factor in a project’s success.


The above questions need to be asked by a company before hiring Odoo developer Firm to ensure whether they are the best fit or not. Always try to be as open-minded as you can. Because you want them to be the most relaxed they have ever been while answering questions. Only then will they be able to provide you with liberal and well-thought answers.

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