Horrible Bus Crash in Tennessee, 5 dead

The driver of the vehicle in the horrible bus crash in Chattanooga tried to rescue the children.

Horrible Bus Crash in Tennessee

The mother of the bus driver, Johnthony Walker told a popular news network. She further said that her son was unsuccessful because there was a lot of blood.

Horrible bus crash

The horrible school bus accident in Tennessee City resulted in the death of five children. 12 more were injured and admitted into a hospital.

Horrible Bus Crash

The accident happened when the bus crashed into a tree and flipped over. Moments after the catastrophic crash Monday, Walker called his mother and told her what happened.

Mama, I love you

“Mama, I love you,” Gwenevere Cook recalled her son saying, “I have been in a drastic accident.’ ”

Her son sent her a text only minutes after the accident. The text revealed that some kids had died.

Cook stated that her son was trying to reach the children and get them off the vehicle but they were not responding. There was a lot of blood around.

Driver faces charges

However, the 24 year old Walker is now faced with five charges including reckless endangerment, reckless driving and vehicular homicide.

School bus accident

It has been established with the help of the statements collected from witnesses as well as physical evidence, that he was driving the van at a high speed.

The speed limit in 30 mph while the speed of the bus was much more than that. This is also what has been written on his arrest affidavit.

Lost Control

The affidavit also says that the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle and swerved off the road towards the right hand. It struck a driveway and a mailbox. Then, it swerved left and turned. It struck a pole and a tree.

A child who was present on the bus stated that the bus was going ‘real fast.’

Responsible man

Cook has claimed that her son is a responsible man. He is a father of a young 3 year old son. The distraught mother further explained that her son used to work two jobs. He had never been in trouble before this accident.

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