ISIS Chemical weapons attack possible in the West

Chemical weapons attack outside of Syria are a real and present danger. This is because there are fears that the militants of the extremist group who have known how about the chemical weapons may choose to apply their knowledge and skills somewhere else.

ISIS Chemical weapons attack

ISIS used chemical weapons in Syria

It is a known fact that ISIS use chemical weapons in Syria. A top global chemical weapons watchdog recently stated the fears that the same expertise may be used in other parts of the world.

He also said that there is an urgent need to recognize this danger and devise proper response to it. ISIS had already learned how to make mustard gas.

ISIS Chemical attack

It further said, if one of the ISIS militants makes his way back to Europe, he will become a great danger to the people, since he would know how to carry out a chemical attack.

The same fears were shared by Philippe Denier, director of the verification division of the ‘Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or ‘OPCW.’

Mr. Denier expressed his apprehensions during a defense conference held in the French capital Wednesday.

ISIS chemical attacks

During the early parts of November, the Defense Ministry of Russia told the world about ISIS chemical attacks.

ISIS Chemical weapons attack in Syria

They also made a request to the OPWC for a deployment of experts to the Syrian city of Aleppo, after there were reports that a chemical weapons attack had taken place in a part of that city.

The spokesman for Russia’s defense ministry, Igor Konashenkov revealed to the journalists that his government has asked the watchdog to contemplate sending its own experts to the 1070 area of Aleppo.

These experts would be able to ascertain if a chemical weapon had actually taken place in the city.

Soil Samples

The Russian request was based on an analysis of soil samples and fragments of shells that have been examined by their experts in Aleppo. These samples will also be handed over to the watchdog conforming to a predefined procedure.

Request declined

But, the Russian request has been declined apparently under pressure from the Western countries. OPCW cited security reasons for declining the request.

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