Sick Execution Footage shows Colonel gunned down by ISIS in Yemen

Extremist group ISIS has released a sick execution footage of a Yemeni colonel. The footage is a video game-style video in which masked attackers shoot down the colonel.

isis Execution Yemeni colonel

Colonel assassinated by ISIS

Colonel Abd Al-Rahim Al-Dale’I worked for airport security. He was killed by ISIS extremists when he was getting into a car in the city of Aden. The port city in the south of Yemen has been plagued by war.

There was no claim of responsibility by any group right after the assassination, but the ISIS group released the video later which features the first person footage of the grueling attack.

Execution Footage video ISIS

A sickening Execution video

It is a sickening video footage that shows the attackers coming near the unfortunate colonel. His weapon is ready and raised while the colonel is getting into the car.

The attacker pulls the trigger and the victim is shown sprawling on the ground.

Execution ISIS video

Benefiting from the civil war

The militants of the extremist group have greatly benefited from the civil war in Yemen. They have expanded into the city of Aden which serves as the temporary capital of the war torn country.

The weak and embattled government of Yemen is based in Aden. The city has seen any high level assassinations of soldiers and politicians.

ISIS Execution

Colonel Ali Muqbil Awadh was a high ranking official in the intelligence services of Yemen. He was gunned down in September while driving his car in the Mansoura district. Two masked gunmen took him down when he was going for Friday prayer.

Similar Video

Islamic State also released a similar video in August that also showed a drive by shooting in the same city.

Finally, the photos show an attacker holding a gun with a silencer from the window of a car, He shoots the bullet into the back of man’s head.

ISIS claimed that the pictures depicted the execution of another Yemeni colonel.

The government of Yemen has moved to a neighboring country when rebels overran the capital Sanaa as well as many other important cities. Aden was one of them.

Arab coalition forces and their allied local resistance groups regained control of the city of Aden, however, large parts of Yemen are still under rebel control.

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