Shocking ISIS Video Dubs Four Year Old British Child as Jihadi Junior

Jihadi Junior is seen pushing a button and killing four persons in the latest shocking ISIS video.

Shocking ISIS video dubs four year old British child as Jihadi Junior

In a shocking ISIS video, a four year old British child hailed as ‘Jihadi Junior’ was seeing filmed as he detonated a bomb killing four prisoners of the extremist group. This shocking ISIS video is the latest in a string of executions released by the group.

The boy in the video is Isa Dare who is the son of a Muslim convert, Grace ‘Khadija’ Dare. She is from South east London. Isa Dare is clearly seen in the shocking ISIS video pushing the button that blows up four people sitting inside a white car. Later, Isa Dare is seen standing beside the remains of the car triumphantly.

It is the second time the young boy, who was brainwashed after his mother took him to Syria three years ago, has appeared in one of the extremists’ propaganda videos.

It is known through the grandfather of the child that he had, infact begged to be saved only a few days before he was forcibly made to appear in a video last month. Dare was also seen declaring that they were going to kill the non-believers as he pointed to the alleged spies in the car.

The new ISIS video seems to have been shot in Raqqa which is the de facto capital of ISIS. The title of the video is: ‘they are the enemy so be aware of them.’

Each of the four prisoners is seen confessing to the charges of either conspiring against the group, or spying. Later, all of them were handcuffed inside the white car. There was a look of utter fear on all their faces.

Before the little boy detonated the bomb killing all of them, an ISIS commander standing beside him directly threatens the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, against arming the group’s rivals in Syria and Iraq.

He alleges that the British will never fight ISIS in the open and would rather remain inside their fortresses. The commander also said that ISIS was preparing an army to fight the West. The young Isa Dare was brainwashed by the extremist group when his mother brought him to Syria.

The young boy had made a phone call to his grandfather, Henry Dare and plead for help. Only a few days after the call, he was seen in a shocking ISIS video.

It also came to light that the father of the young boy had tried to rescue him when his wife had fled to Syria and married an ISIS fighter. The attempt was in vain.

When the grandfather was asked whether the young boy knew what he was saying in the video, he replied in the negative saying that Isa Dare was only a kid.

It has also come to light that Mr. Dare had reported Grace to the authorities at least on three occasions before she actually went to Syria.

It is believed that Grace was radicalized through the internet. Born in 1991, she was of Nigerian descent. She went to Syria in 2012 and married a fighter who is now dead.

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