How Animation Video Maker Lets You Express Your Creativity?

Remember when the animation was created, the absolute bomb deserved to be created? When can experienced animators create a short 30-second explanatory video?

Fortunately, technology has evolved for the better. Once a complex process, it is now simple and convenient thanks to many video animation creators. Let anyone create videos without being an expert.

So how do you decide which program to use? How do you know which adapter is best for your animation?

1) Mango Animate Animation Maker

An animation video maker that allows you to effectively create an animation. With Mango Animate Animation Maker, you can choose a ready-to-use presentation template and add text to each slide. This allows you to effectively create color cartoons in a short time.

Although you have fewer options when using this tool. This is a great animated video maker if you just want to create an animated video, but don’t worry too much about adjusting the outline of your video.

2) TupiTube

A simple tool for creating 2D animations for amateur audiences and especially for children. The main feature of TupiTube is a simple drawing process, with which you can make cartoons in just a few simple steps. There is an integrated library of resources and support for the export of finished animation in various formats.

3) The Moho

One of the best profiling tools for working with animation and 2D vector animation. Moho lets you draw on a graphics tablet, create historical tables, and organize objects layer by layer in an integrated graphics editor. The service has a library of visual objects and characters, offers realistic physics, and is integrated with the Unity mechanism. Not everyone has time to try different platforms, so we created it for you.

4) Synfig Studio

2D open source animation video maker, very easy to use. Synfig allows you to create animations, apply filters, shading and contouring. There is support for skeletal animation. It is very convenient to transfer the finished material later or completely to another computer.

5) The Vyond

Second, our list includes Vyond (formerly GoAnimate). Like PowToon and Moovly, Vyond is a complete drawing platform. One of the most interesting features of Vyond is the ability to add lip sync to selected characters by adding a voice recording or importing an audio file. Vyond does not have a free license, but there is a 14-day trial that you can try on the platform.

6) OpenToonz

Professional 2D package of cartoons used to create “Futurama”, “Spirited Away” and “SpongeBob”. OpenToonz allows you to export images from tracing paper, has a wide range of tools and drawing effects, and has a useful skeleton animation feature.


If you look at all these animation video makers, they all come down with one basic principle. To create great animations and ease the process for creative people to express their art and creativity.

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