Is Playing Video Games Good for Seniors?

Video games aren’t just for kids. Research is showing that seniors should pick up their own controllers and jump into the hobby. Read the article about Is Playing Video Games Good for Seniors?

Video Games Are Good for Seniors

While video games are marketed toward kids, teens and young adults, researchers have found another group that could benefit from getting a console: seniors. One study has proven that playing video games improves cognitive functions in seniors. It increases the grey matter in their brain and boosts their visual processing, concentration and short-term memory. This could be really helpful for any seniorthat’s at risk of developing dementia.

What Games Are Perfect for Seniors?

Wii Sports

Wii Sports is a collection of single and multiplayersports video games available through Nintendo’s motion-sensing gaming system. These games are great for seniors because they’re simple, straightforward and they encourage players to exercise without even thinking about it. Users can play tennis, boxing, bowling, golf and more without leaving their living room. 

Some senior communities have caught on to the benefits of Wii Sports and bought the corresponding console and accessories so that residents can play whenever they’d like. Take a look at this retirement community that offers a new approach to senior living that is nowhere close to dull. Wii Sports is just one of the many ways that they encourage residents to enjoy themselves and expand their horizons. Retirees that are looking for a senior community should check the link to find a place that spurs residents to explore new hobbies and stay active throughout their golden years. 

Animal Crossing

The social simulation game Animal Crossing is the perfect activity for anyone feeling bored or cooped up at home. There’s a reason why millions have joined this beautiful imaginary world. It’s a relaxing escape from the stresses of COVID-19 and social distancing. 

One of the things that makes this game so special is that it lets you safely socialize with friends who are also playing the game. You can drop by to say hello and send them gifts without having to leave the house.

Rock Band

Rock Band is a music video game that lets you simulate a musical performance. Pick a song and follow the rhythm with one of the instrumental controllers (guitar, bass guitar or drums). Or grab the microphone and sing along with the lyrics. 

Why is this a great pick for seniors? Music, whether you’re playing it or just listening to it, stimulates cognitive function. Researchers have found that music therapy helps seniors with dementia by improving their short-term memory and mood. So, seniors can benefit from the brain-boosting powers of music and video games with Rock Band.

What about Other Games?

If you’re a senior and you want to try gaming, look for options that are marketed to beginners. World-building games (Minecraft, The Sims) or captivating storytelling games (Journey, Flower, Abzu) are ideal. You don’t want to grab something too complicated. 

If you get one of the games that’s popular with devoted hobbyists, you’re not likely to have a fun time. You could get nauseous watching the screen or get frustrated that you can’t master the controls right away. It’s better to dip your toe in slowly than to jump straight into the deep end. Read the latest blog at The Asian Posts.

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