Khloe Kardashian big booty workout in Los Angeles

Khloe Kardashian big booty workout in Los Angeles—The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star seems to be on the way to snatching the title of ‘best booty’ from her sister Kim. Obviously, Kim needs to watch out for Khloe if she wants to keep her crown. The star gave onlookers a serious eyeful as she left the gym yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Khloe Kardashian booty workout

Khloe flashed her unbelievable bum in a pair of skintight leggings that clung to her curves in all the right places. It looks like Kim Kardashian might need to watch out for her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Kim is already famous for her peachy derriere and Khloe’s rigorous booty workout suggests that she is getting ready to beat her sexy sibling.

The TV star offered the viewers a satisfying eyeful when she came out of an L.A. gym after a booty workout. The hot celebrity exposed her awesome bum in a pair of skintight dress that clung to her unbelievable body and accentuated all her best assets.

Lately, Khloe has been in a great shape. It is obvious that the fitness freak is determined to maintain her great body. It would also seem that Khloe may be indulging in a vigorous exercise regime in order to get her mind distracted from the episode concerning her ex-hubby Lamar Odom.

Odom was admitted into a hospital last year when he had an almost fatal overdose. He was also spotted in the middle of a group of scantily clad women when he was partying in a New York club. That is not all. Lamar was also seen and pictured recently as he indulged in marijuana smoking.

A passerby who had seemed Lamar later told an online newspaper that Lamar was so high that one could smell the pot from 50 feet away.

Khloe also recently revealed how she had to struggle in order to stop eating some of the things that she loved to eat in order to maintain her body.

Now that Khloe has achieved that coveted body, she has also revealed that her biggest inspiration is her elder sister Kim Kardashian.

Khloe also share her butt pictures of Kim Kardashian on her social media account. In the photos, Kim is seen on a beach. Khloe captioned the picture ‘My Body motivation.’ Khloe also shared a picture of herself in which she revealed her lean abs.

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