Kim Kardashian is the queen of street fashion

The celebrity is widely regarded as the queen of street fashion. The star of hit TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ recently proved that she is the best when it comes to wearing street fashion clothes.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of street fashion

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The celebrity was spotted in an eye popping number in the city of New York. The hot model was having a date with her husband, rapper Kanye West.

West was ditched by the lucrative MTV video music awards ceremony only the previous evening. Unfortunately, Kanye had been nominated for the prestigious awards.

Attesting to her street fashion sense, the reality TV star donned a white skirt coupled with pink colored heels that revealed her highly toned legs.

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But Kim Kardashian made sure that her cleavage remained the center of attraction while she put a plunging top. The top also served to offer a tiny glimpse of her bra. She also wore her enticing locks in curls over the shoulders. Light makeup accentuated her lovely visage.

She used one of her most favorite items for completing the evening attire–a lengthy trench coat that almost touched the floor. While the couple was on the street, her husband Kanye apparently adjusted her bra.

The same day, sometime earlier, the couple’s 9 month old son became the center of attention when he came out with his mother, father and elder sister, North West. The family was spotted shopping in New York.

Saint West looked very cute as he wore matching T-shirt and shorts. The little kid was adored by his father and mother as they made rounds of many shops.

The 39 year old Kanye West carried the little boy and followed his wife. Saint West will turn 1 this December. Obviously, Kim delighted in showing off her street fashion outfit which she had donned for partying at the Big Apple. Their daughter North who is 3 years old, was wearing a leopard shirt as well as baby Yeezys. Kanye West was clad in his usual T-shirt and jeans.

Kim and Kanye West are a very rich couple with their combined worth around 210 million dollars. The fortunate couple recently won a free stay at Airbnb in New York City. The same costs around a 100 grand a month.

Kim was seen in her street fashion clothes as she and her husband came out of the luxury apartment. Kim had also shared some pics on her social media account.

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