Kim Kardashian Butt Reduction news on internet

Did Kim Kardashian go through a butt reduction surgery?
The question has arisen in the minds of the fans after watching the pictures posted by Rob Kardashian on a social media website.

Kim Kardashian Butt Reduction

Butt Reduction Surgery

The question of butt reduction surgery came to the fore after Halloween pictures of the TV star made it to the social media. These were taken in Ki’s house and shared by Rob Kardashian.

Kim is seen in the pictures dressed as Jasmine for the Halloween. These photos are very rare in the sense that they are the first ones to be shared by the celebrity after the horrible incident in Paris.

While, the star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ was robbed at gunpoint in the French capital.

Smaller Behind

It wasn’t the look of the model or her dress that surprised her fans. Rather, it was Kim’s smaller behind that left them wondering.

Fans were quick to point out that her back didn’t look as it did in the pictures shared before Paris where she had lost jewelry worth millions of dollar to three armed robbers.

The actual loss sustained by Kim was estimated to be around 8 million dollars. There were speculations that Kim may have gone through butt reduction procedure, however, a news website stated that nothing like this ever happened.

Weight Loss

The same news website further reported that the Kim had experienced after the ordeal in Paris. In fact, after that incident, she had faced the camera only a few times during outings.

In October, Kim remained in Paris for at least a week. At that time, she has already attained her desire weight.

However, when the incident happened, she was unable to eat or sleep for a week. This had a bad effect on her health.

Incredible Shape

Currently, Kim is in an incredible shape. She has lost a lot of unwanted weight. Before the Paris robbery, she had shed all the desired weight, however, the stress allowed her to lose more of it. Right now, she is under 120 pounds.

Of course, it was not intentional, but it proved just the right thing for her.

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