Kim Kardashian relieved of millions during gunpoint robbery in Paris

Masked assailants took away expensive jewelry from a shaken Kim. Kim Kardashian was the victim of gunpoint robbery at a high-end residence in the French capital. The police have said that the crime was committed by two men in French police uniform.

Kim Kardashian relieved of millions during gunpoint robbery in Paris

Kim Kardashian’s publicist and the police have made it known that the gunpoint robbery was carried out in order to relive the famous celebrity of her jewelry that was worth millions of dollars. The crime was committed at around 3:00 Paris time.

Kim kardashian’s spokesperson stated after the robbery that no physical harm had been brought to the 35 year old star; however, she was very badly shaken by the incident. The police further clarified that no other person was hurt during the gunpoint robbery.

Kim’s spokesperson told a famous international news channel that the crime was committed by two men who were wearing masks. Other statements have put the number of robbers at five.

At the time of robbery, Kim’s husband Kanye West was in New York. The famous rapper was performing at arts festival in NYC when the incident occurred in Paris.

The rapper stopped his performance in a haste apologizing for the abrupt end and telling his fans that a family emergency had surfaced and he had to stop the show.

Kim Kardashian has stayed at the same residence which is situated behind the famous Madeleine church in Paris. It was in 2014 before she got married to Kanye West.

The police stated that the monetary loss of the robbery amounted to millions of euros. However, a thorough evaluation was being carried out.

James Corden, a famous TV host lashed out at all the people who were making joke of the star after she was robbed in Paris. He posted on a social media website that all those people should shut up.

It is not clear whether the couple’s two children, North and Saint were with their mother when the robbery occurred. The residence is current under the guard of the French police.

Kim Kardashian is in the French capital in order to attend the Paris fashion week. She is accompanied by her mother and sister, Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner. The star was in Paris for the city’s fashion week with her mother Kris Jenner and her sister Kendall Jenner.

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