Lucy Hale Threatens Website Over Topless Photos Leaked

Lucy Hale is all ready to go to any limits in order to get the topless photos leaked earlier, off the internet. The snaps were released by a famous website.

Lucy Hale Topless Photos Leaked

Topless Photos Leaked

Lucy Hale topless photos leaked over the internet through a media site Celeb Jihad. The celebrity implies that she had no knowledge of these photos being shared over the internet.

Now, her legal team and is ready for a pitched battle with the website that released these photographs. Letters have already been sent to the website in which the legal team has threatened them with punitive action.

Pretty Little Stars

The star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ who is still in her 20s has stated that the photographs belonged to her. They had been hacked from her personal cell phone which made it a case of theft.

The legal letter was fired off to the website that posted those pictures on Wednesday.

Leaked Exposure

The leaked exposure of the star consists of two photographs that show her breasts as well as her nipples. She claims that she had sent the pictures to an acquaintance, and had been hacked out of her cell phone.

One of the pictures is rather subtle which shows her top covering the better part of her chest, however, the second picture shows her breasts and the nipples. It also exposes the tattoo right under the left boob.

But, this is a very distinguishable tattoo and cannot be mistaken easily.

Other instances of exposure

The site Celeb Jihad is known for posting pictures that show nude celebrities. In the beginning of this year, the lawyers of actress Emma Watson sued it and were able to successfully get their clients’ nude pictures off the website.

However, Celeb Jihad had shared almost nude pictures of the famous actress which showed her breasts and nipples.

The legal team of Emma Watson made it clear to the court that it was a case of copyright infringement because the picture did not belong to the website, and it hadn’t paid for them either. It means that it had no right to publish them.

Lucy Hale is an actress and a singer. She has also won the People’s Choice Award for Best Cable TV Actress.

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