Sara Jean Underwood shares hot buxom blonde pictures

Sara Jean Underwood is a hot buxom blonde with no inhibitions about displaying her sexy body. The young yoga practitioner makes her fans drool over her figure in a new series of sizzling photographs.

Sara Jean Underwood hot buxom blonde

Hot Buxom Blonde

The hot buxom blonde is back with a set of nature inspired picture in which the young star is seen sizzling all over.

The heavenly hottie form of this sweet celebrity has given sleepless nights to millions of people all over the world. Most of her ardent fans would regularly check for new releases from Underwood lest they miss something new from their favorite star.

Great outdoors

The latest offering from Underwood features the great outdoors with sweeping panoramas which see the hottie in flimsy bikinis – or even less than that in some cases.

Sara Underwood is unbelievably hot, and the latest pictures proof just this point.

Nature Shots

These snaps are certainly a few notches up from Ansel Adam’s sizzling nature shots. However, Sara Jean is much hotter.

It is obvious that if the photographer had someone like Sara Jean to work with, he must have created a few miracles with his lenses.

Model and TV Host

Sara Jean Underwood is an American model and TV host. She was also the playmate of the month for July 2006. Next year, in 2007, she became the playmate of the year.

She made appearances as the pirate Wench in the ‘Epic Movie.’ She also starred in the film ‘House Bunny.’ She also starred in the horror movie ‘deadly Weekend.’

Underwood has worked at the television. She was the continuity announcer for a cable network. She was also the host of several episodes ‘Attack of the Snow.’ Underwood also served as the regular presenter of the ‘Feed.’

However, she loves yoga and has taken part in Kunoichi competition in Japan. The competition is known in America as ‘Women of Ninja Warrior.’ Underwood won the 1st stage heat but failed to win the second stage.

She is part of a team of professional poker players. She also guest starred in a reality TV show produced by MTV.

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