Planning a Trip During COVID-19? Here’s All That You Need to Know

Most people like to go on a trip to enjoy their holidays, but planning a long trip isn’t so easy. There are many things that you’ve to pack and check before you leave. Nowadays, because of the pandemic, it has become more difficult to plan a road trip. So if you’re planning to go anywhere for your enjoyment, you must know about the COVID-19 SOPs and the important things that need to be checked before a trip.

Planning a Trip During COVID-19

Is it safe to go for a long trip during COVID-19?

During COVID-19, the safety of your trip depends on where you’re going. You might go to a place where there’s nothing to fear. Or you may go to someplace where COVID-19 has spread widely. So if you want to remain safe on your trip, do prior research about what’s going on in your destined place and follow these preventive measures:

  • Take a few face masks and sanitizers along with you.
  • Avoid touching anything unnecessarily.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap wherever it’s possible.
  • Keep your distance from other people.
  • Take separate water bottles for everyone.
  • Use a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

Some tips for your trip

Before going on a trip, you have to make sure that everything’s fine, and you won’t face any problems during your journey. Even if you’re renting one or going in your own car, it’s mandatory to check all the things given below:

1) Get your car maintenance done

Getting your car maintenance done is very important if you want to complete your trip without any inconvenience. Few things that must be checked during a car service includes oil and coolant levels, other fluid levels, air filter, spark plugs, shock absorbers, brakes, tires, lights, wipers, battery, and generator.

Even apart from a trip, it’s suggested to get vehicle service done regularly to keep your car working well. If you own any of Toyota’s cars, we recommend you to get the service done by professionals such as Toyota’s main dealer in your locality.

2) Carry all necessary spare parts

It’s important to carry a few spare parts with you that can help when your car stops in the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget to take some extra spark plugs, a can of WD40, a spare tire, a spare fuel filter, car oils, a tool kit, electric tape, a wire roll, etc.

3) Fill up the fuel

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns in various places, there’s a possibility that you won’t easily get fuel in your route. Therefore, it’s mandatory to get your fuel tank filled up before you leave. Also, carry some extra fuel along with you to avoid disruption during your trip.

4) Stock some extra water

Carrying some extra water is too important for going on a trip. You might not be aware of what’s going to happen during the trip; there’s always a possibility that your car’s water tank starts to leak. In that case, you can face a lot of trouble in reaching your destination. Having extra water along with you can save you from this inconvenience.

5) Check for the route

Before you leave, it’s recommended to check for the route you’ve selected for your road trip. Because of the pandemic, it’s possible that you can face travel restrictions on your way. So properly search for a route through which you can reach your destination trouble-free.

6) Carry maps with you

If you’re unaware of your route, carrying maps is the most important part of your trip. We suggest you carry a paper map as well, so you can reach your destination even if your phone’s battery goes dead.

7) Carry food and other important things

On a long route, it’s necessary to carry some food, drinking water, and other important things with you. Due to COVID-19, it’s not safe to eat something that’s purchased from outside. So make sure that you have enough food for your entire trip.

8) Don’t forget the first aid box

Never forget to carry a first aid box along with you whenever going on a picnic or a trip. If you’re traveling to a remote area, it’s possible that you can get bitten by some dangerous insects or snakes. So always keep a snakebite kit, antiseptic & antibiotic creams, bandages, scissors, painkillers, insect repellents, and more safety items in your first aid box.

9) Extra necessary objects

Going on a trip means you must be ready to face any kind of emergency e.g.if your car stops at a place, where there’s no one to help you, and you’ve to stay a night there, you must be ready for it. You may carry some camping material, pillows, blankets, tissue papers, nighties, etc.

10) Check for weather forecast

Before you leave for any trip, you need to keep a check on the weather forecast of the area to which you’re traveling. Maybe it’s monsoon season there, meaning the roads can get muddy or damp, and you’ll have problems with driving. Or maybe it’ll get too hot, meaning you won’t be able to park your car under the sun without proper protective gear as it can be damaging for the vehicle. For this purpose, you need to be aware of the weather you’re going to be traveling into, and what measures you can take to keep yourself from facing any inconvenience.

11) Recheck your vehicle before leaving

It’s good that you’ve got your car maintenance done, but still, before leaving, it’s very important to recheck your vehicle. This can save you from any inconvenience that you could face after leaving.

12) Entertainment 

Entertainment is an essential part of a trip. So ?carry all necessary objects for your entertainment. You can take a badminton kit, cricket kit, a football, golf kit, or any other item of your choice to enjoy properly. If you’re going to any place where there’s a swimming pool or a lake, ?carry your goggles and flippers with you too. Also, you can get a good sound system installed for a better traveling experience.

13) Get additional accessories installed on your car

For being on the safe side, it’s very important to get some extra accessories installed on your car, such as a tracker and high beam lights. If your journey gets long, and you’ve to spend a night driving your car, you must have high beam lights installed in the car to avoid accidents. It’s very dangerous to travel at night, you can also get your car stolen if you travel to high-risk places. So for this, a tracker can help the police in tracking your car.

These were some tips for a trip during COVID-19. We suggest you get your vehicle’s maintenance done from any trusted place such as Toyota Creek Motors. They provide the best automotive service. You can also book your appointment online. Hope you liked the article. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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