Rihanna shocked her fans by wearing a Plastic Outfit

Rihanna is literally uncovering herself in a new music video by wearing a transparent plastic outfit, the video is namely B**** Better Have My Money music video. These scenes are shocking and they are controversial till now.

Rihanna shocked her fans by wearing a Plastic Outfit

This video was initially not that much controversial but later the deleted scenes came with a blast in which there is more savagery and sexual content.

In this video B**** Better Have My Money she is wearing a completely transparent dress and she is actually torturing a man who is sitting on a chair, in fact, he is tied down on the seat.

Rihanna is exposing her body in the video and her makeup is done with the dark texture with dark lipstick. As far as the makeup of the eyes is concerned, the eyes were given a Smokey texture. The plastic dress is not able to hide anything in her body so everything can be clearly seen.

Rihanna shocked her fans by wearing a Plastic Outfit 1

As there is a virtual reality angle to the clasp, likely for a headset like the Oculus Crack, the video begins from the point of view of an alternate lady in the room who is viewing the repulsive demonstrations go down while petting a feline.

She could be seen with a blade close by and a body part she has cut off as another lady strolls over and snaps a photo of her posturing energetically with the dismantled part. With all the exasperating symbolism, including the violence, it was no big surprise why this specific part hit the cutting room floor when the video appeared back in July.

In it Rihanna is appeared to have tied up a bamboozling bookkeeper so these are clearly the torment scenes that cannot be seen in the first look of the video as the scenes were deleted.

In the first video, Rihanna could be seen selecting what weapons to use as the man is strapped to a seat yet as she reaches him it removes to a scene of her secured in blood while laying exposed in a mid-section loaded with money. This video B**** Better have my money, has got the position of top 10 in some countries and was able to get the position of top 20 in some of the other countries.

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