Top 6 Best Sites like Solarmovie to Watching Free Movies Online

Most people prefer to watch online videos using solarmovie. The reason is that this platform is among the leading solutions in the market.

However, there are some solutions that will give you exemplary services. This article looks at sites like solarmovie to use in watching free movies online. You will be surprised by what the market has to offer to you.


Los Movies

Los Movies has a 2000 page movie catalogue and all genres of TV shows. Users can search for the preferred movie by name and access the trending movie. You can also display the movies by subtitles alone on Los Movies.

Unfortunately, this site is a pop-up hell and a single misplaced click can trigger an onslaught of pop-ups. Such an action can result into all forms of suspicious websites by Marcus J Debaise. It is advisable to install an ad-block before visiting this site. However, it is much better to install a dedicated pop-up blocker.


You can watch movies on Popcornflix without spending even a single cent. The site will give you access to modern movies with high download speed and excellent quality. It has everything from comedy to action to romance to sci-fi.

You will get all movies on Popcornflix in their original language. There is a long category list at the right sidebar and close to the bottom. It will help you to narrow down to a specific movie if you are not sure of what to watch.

A single genre on the site has so many catalogues of movies. After clicking a video, it will display the player mode. Just click on the button to continue watching.

Watch Online Series

Can you rate yourself to be an addict to TV shows? You can find the temptation of resisting the next episode once you come across an enjoyable show. Watch Online Series is an online streaming series that will satisfy all your urges. You will play until there are no more episodes to play. 

You can watch virtually anything that you want from this show. You will get most of the TV shows in the HD mode. Every episode also has a minimum of two mirrors. You will best enjoy the series that you are watching with the ad-blocker.


123Movies is an online streaming site that has an excellent look. Apart from the TV shows and movies, the site also has an extension of Asian dramas, anime, and cartoons. It sets it apart from the other online streaming websites and a great alternative to solarmovie.

Like the other sites in this list, 123Movies does not host content on its servers. We have non-affiliate third parties who provide the content. Therefore, this site is somehow legal. However, it is still advisable to hide your identity when using VPN services.


The main undoing of Primewire is the outdated layout and uninspired design. However, if you go beyond these uninviting exteriors, you will find a treasure of so many movies from various genres. Most of them have a bit hit and you can watch them for free.

All the movies come in three video qualities: high, medium, and low. It allows you to make the right choice for streaming the movie.


Even though the name of this site appears to be strange, the site still has top-notch content. It displays the trending movies on the right-hand side of the homepage. Simply click on the movie that catches your attention first or you can choose to jump through.

The site has a large selection of movies that meet the demands of everyone. The secret is to click through the site until you come across what you love most.


There are so many sites like solar movie that stream the content live at no cost. You will enjoy a broad selection of movies from all of them without paying even a single cent. However, it is good to protect your safety regardless of the site. The secret is to choose to remain anonymous with a VPN service.

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