Sunny Leone Hates Body Shaming

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, simply cannot tolerate people telling her she has gained or lost weight

Sunny Leone Hates Body Shaming

What could possibly go wrong with an interview with a Bollywood star?

Nothing. It seems from the outlook.

However, when it comes to Sunny Leone, plenty can go wrong during a TV interview. Sunny Leone is a Canadian former porn star who is extremely controversial in India. But Leone is also the most searched person on Google in India too. But in this case the recipient of the bad publicity was not Leone – who has previously faced campaigns demanding she leave India.

Sunny Leone is always composed and confident when she is being interviewed. In fact, she has received a lot of admiration for the way she has dealt with the most controversial interviewer in India, Bhupendra Chaubey.

Leone was very calm and dignified when faced with his scathing questions. Her interview was viewed hundreds of thousands of times during the first hour of its posting on Facebook.

Chaubey asked Sunny Leone about her worst decisions and biggest regret. Obviously, he wanted her to apologize for her work in the porn industry. She said that her biggest regret was that she couldn’t reach her mother in time when she died. Chaubey asked the same question again hoping for the same answer. She still managed to maintain her calm.

Sunny Leone’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. She was enjoying a very successful career in the American porn industry. She began building an alternative career in the mainstream cinema in India before she announced her retirement from porn in 2013.

She participated in the Indian version of Big Brother. The same show was the launching pad which catapulted her to Bollywood success.

Sunny Leone hates body shaming. In fact, she has said on many occasions that she simply hates it when someone tells her that she has lost weight.

On another occasion, speaking again the same phenomenon, she said that it was very funny to see people making such comments about other people. They would completely ignore their own bellies while making a comment that someone else had become fat.

She added that such things are not tolerated in the US. Sunny Leone believes that it is imperative for women to take good care of their bodies and their health. But no one should pass judgments on them.

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