Clinton and Sanders Clash Over Healthcare, Guns and Finance

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seemed very aggressive as they discussed past mistakes and future plans during the Democratic debate on Sunday.

Democratic Debate

The Democratic debate on Sunday night saw Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton tangle continuously in order to show that they were both serious about Wall Street and gun control. Both of them also made it known during the Democratic debate how they are going to steer America’s health care in the future.

It was the last Democratic debate before the beginning of the vote scheduled in two weeks. Both the candidates were aggressive since the polls are showing that the race is tightening in Iowa and New Hampshire – both of them lead states.

During the Democratic debate, Clinton attacked the Vermont Senator regarding his repeated votes for the NRA (National Rifle Association). Later, she also welcomed his reversed stance regarding the gun control legislation that would offer immunity to gun manufacturers. Clinton pointed out several provisions in line with NRA that Sanders had supported in the past.

Sanders called Clinton’s remarks that he was supporting the gun lobby ‘very disingenuous’. Here he also pointed out that he had a D- lifetime rating from the National Rifle Association.

During the Democratic presidential debate, healthcare was also discussed. Sanders revealed his own plan only a few hours before the debate began. In his opening statement of the Democratic debate 2016, Sanders claimed that healthcare is the right of every man, woman and child. While Clinton, was not so blunt about the issue. She said for a less sweeping action that would build on the incumbent president’s plan for health care. This would be achieved by controlling out-of-pocket expenses and decreasing spending on drugs.

She also asserted that Sander’s plan, though looked well, was dangerous and unrealistic. She said: “With all due respect, to start over again with a whole new debate is something that would set us back,” Clinton said.”

Sanders, on his part, dismissed Clinton’s assertions that he will jeopardize Democratic achievements. He insisted: “No one is tearing this up; we’re going to go forward.”

Clinton opined that the health care plan that Sanders was suggesting would burden the middle class with more taxes. She also said that he aim was to raise the income rather than the taxes. Sanders countered the allegation by suggesting that taxpayers will have to bear overall less costs. He implied that his idea was workable.

The next issue to be discussed during the Democratic debate was finance and financial policy. Sanders implied that Clinton will not be very tough with the Wall Street since she had accepting hefty speaking fees and large contributions. Clinton brought to light Sanders’ previous votes for deregulating the markets and easing up the federal oversight.

Clinton worked very hard to associate herself with the incumbent president Barack Obama. She also cited her own role in the deal with Iran as well as the health care plan.

In the final analysis, the Democratic debate on Sunday proved to be more heated than the previous ones. Both Clinton and Sanders are seeking the black votes in South Carolina – the site of the fourth primary contest.


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