Latest Xbox One S launching in August

According to the recent updates, Microsoft will launch its most powerful console in the upcoming month. This is big news for all the gamers. Latest Xbox One S launching in August. Here we are shedding some light on this mighty machine of Microsoft.

Latest Xbox One S launching in August

Latest Xbox One S launching in August:

As we have seen that all the best console producing companies are releasing their consoles. So, Microsoft also took part in this competition. The company is planning to launch Xbox One S in the august. The date is finalized. So, all the gamers should sit tight and wait for the new Xbox One S. This is because the releasing date is 2nd August, 2016. Now, we will highlight its new features as well as specifications.

Features of Xbox One S:

Latest Xbox One S launching in August. One of the most prominent features of Xbox One S is the availability of 4 K Playback compatibility. This is an amazing feature which will be available for the users of the new version of Xbox One S.

On the other hand, there is news which is related to the colors as well as appearance of the upcoming console. It is said that this console of Microsoft will be different from many other consoles. This is because of the reason that it will have excellent graphics as well as bright colors. Latest Xbox One S launching in August. Another change in its appearance is that the port of kinect will be disappeared now. This means that the console will have a slimmer look than ever.

It will also allow its users to fully control their Television sets with the help of their media remote control. This is going to enhance the experience of users. The people are already excited enough to buy this upcoming console.


Latest Xbox One S launching in August. Now, we are going to tell you the most important thing which is related to this console. It will be available with a hard drive of 2 TB. Keep this thing in your mind that this is specific only for the launching version of Microsoft Xbox One S. It will be available in a very reasonable price. The company is going to charge its customers approximately £349. This is a very suitable amount as compared to the offerings of the console


The news is spreading quickly about the upcoming product of Microsoft. This console has an excellent appearance. All we can say is this machine is going to attract a large number of people towards itself. This is all because of its amazing features as well as specifications. This is a full package with amazing benefits.


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